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People: Zelenovic Dragan
21 October 2011

ICTY: Too Soon to Release Dragan Zelenovic from Prison

The Hague Tribunal has decided that Dragan Zelenovic, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison for crimes in Foca, does not fulfill the conditions for early release to liberty.
28 February 2008

A Dream of a Better Life

J.F. is a 27-year-old woman who has lived in Hadzici, on the outskirts of Sarajevo, with her mother and six brothers and sisters since 1993. The family first came to Hadzici in 1992, after being deported from Foca. They spent many days in detention centres located in eastern Bosnia, controlled by the former Serbian Republic of BiH forces.
26 April 2007

Zelenovic Gets 15 Years

Former Bosnian Serb military police deputy commander, who pleaded guilty to crimes committed against civilians in Foca, is jailed at the Hague tribunal.
12 February 2007

Jankovic: Prosecution asks for 30 years

The Trial Chamber is asked to pass down a long prison sentence to Foca accused.

16 January 2007

Zelenovic admits guilt after plea agreement

Former Republika Srpska military police deputy commander made a plea agreement with the Hague prosecution and admitted to being partially guilty of torture and rape in Foca.
20 December 2006

Jankovic: Drama in court

The prosecutor accused a defence witness of rape during cross examination at the trial of Gojko Jankovic.
6 April 2006

Zelenovic still in Russia

Hague tribunal insiders say that the transfer of Foca indictee has been delayed by Moscow following Milosevic death.