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People: Zecevic Sasa
2 September 2010

Koricanske stijene: Escorted by Neighbours

Protected Prosecution witness K8 testified at the trial for crimes committed at Koricanske stijene and said his neighbours Zoran Babic and Dado Mrdja escorted the convoy of civilians on August 21, 1992.

6 July 2010

Koricanske stijene: Witness Heard Shooting

A protected prosecution witness told the trial of five men accused of crimes at Koricanske stijene that he heard the shooting on August 21, 1992.

15 June 2010

Koricanske stijene: Escorts in Blue Uniforms

As the trial of five indictees, who are charged with participating in the shooting of about 200 men at Koricanske stijene, continues, a protected Prosecution witness says he heard that the convoy escorts took part in picking out the victims.
28 May 2010

Koricanske stijene: The Saddest Scene

Testifying as a Prosecution witness at the trial for crimes committed at Koricanske stijene, a former Chief of the Public Safety Station in Skender Vakuf says the police and civilian authorities from Prijedor advocated "hiding information" about the massacre of civilians committed on August 21, 1992.
20 May 2010

Koricanske stjene: Pools of Blood

Bosko Peulic testifies for the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the trial for crimes committed at Koricanske stijene and says he learned about the murder of civilians in the evening of August 21, 1992, adding that he then saw pools of blood at the location, which smelled horribly.
29 April 2010

Koricanske stijene: A Dreadful Scene

Milan Komljenovic, a Prosecution witness at the trial for the murder of civilians committed at Koricanske stijene on August 21, 1992, says the crime was committed by "convoy escorts".
26 March 2010

Koricanske stijene: Waiting for Death

Prosecution witness Husein Jakupovic describes how he survived the shooting at Koricanske stijene on August 21, 1992, saying that, prior to his departure from Trnopolje, a guard told him "not to join the convoy".
4 March 2010

Koricanske stijene: Convoy "Cleaning"

Melisa Bajric says her father and brother were separated from the convoy of people traveling from Prijedor to Travnik in August 1992 and shot at Koricanske stijene.
26 February 2010

Koricanske stijene: Execution of Civilians

A protected Prosecution witness says that members of the Police Interventions Squad from Prijedor participated in the murder of about 200 civilians at Koricanske stijene in August 1992.
23 December 2009

Koricanske stijene: Afraid and Ashamed

On the second day of his testimony, Gordan Djuric said he saw "a few" members of the Interventions Squad at Koricanske stijene immediately after the murder of about 200 civilians in August 1992.
16 December 2009

Koricanske stijene: Meeting at Separation Location

Continuing his testimony against the indictees charged with crimes committed at Koricanske stijene, Damir Ivankovic repeated the names of the indictees who escorted the convoy, together with him, on August 21, 1992.
1 September 2009

Koricanske stijene: New Suspects Ordered Into Custody

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina orders two former members of the Interventions Police Squad from Prijedor, who are charged with murder committed at Koricanske stijene in August 1992, into custody.
15 July 2009

Koricanske stijene: Another Indictment

The State Court confirms one more indictment for the crime committed on Mount Vlasic in the summer of 1992.
3 July 2009

Koricanske stijene: One Month Custody for Sasa Zecevic

Sasa Zecevic, a former member of the Prijedor police special response team, accused of taking part in the execution of over 200 civilians on Mount Vlasic, has been remanded in custody for a month by the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.