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18 December 2013

15 Years in Prison for Crimes in Bugojno

The Appellate Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina sentences Senad Dautovic to seven and Nisvet Gasal and Musajb Kukavica to four years each for having committed crimes against Croat prisoners in Bugojno in 1993 and 1994.

16 December 2013

Mirko Pekez Requests Renewal of Trial

During a hearing held before the Appellate Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mirko (son of Mile) Pekez requests the renewal of trial following the revocation of a second instance verdict, under which he was sentenced to 29 years in prison for crimes committed in the Jajce area.

6 November 2013

Bosniaks Demand Acquittal Over Bugojno Stadium Prison

Three Bosniaks said they should be acquitted of war crimes against Croats who were detained and imprisoned in a makeshift jail at a football stadium in the town of Bugojno.
2 October 2013

Indictment Change Delays Bugojno Detention Camp Trial

Closing arguments at the trial of three men accused of abusing prisoners in a stadium in Bugojno were postponed after the Bosnian prosecution amended the indictment, five years after the trial began.
1 July 2013

Bosnian Court Rejects Koricanske Massacre Plea Bargain

The appeals court threw out a plea bargain that would have seen a former Bosnian Serb fighter serve 10 to 13 years in jail for killing around 200 civilians at Koricanske Stijene in 1992.
13 June 2013

Public Interest Overcomes Private Interests

The application of the existing Law on Free Access to Information of Bosnia and Herzegovina vary from one institution to another. One third of institutions respond to requests for access to information in accordance with the Law, while some do not respond at all.

10 June 2013

Knezevic's Proposed Sentance 12 to 15 Years

A former Bosnian Serb policeman in Prijedor, Radoslav Knezevic, has admitted taking part in killing more than 150 Bosniaks at Koricanske Stijene in 1992.
31 January 2013

Gasal et al: Retrial Begins

The retrial of Nisvet Gasal, Musajb Kukavica and Senad Dautovic for crimes against Bosnian Croats in Bugojno in 1993 started with introductory statements.
6 November 2012

Hague Tribunal Discusses its Past and Future

Since its creation almost 20 years ago, the Hague Tribunal, ICTY, has made a series of landmark decisions which have significantly impacted the reconciliation process both within Bosnia and across the region, a Sarajevo conference heard.
10 December 2010

Meeting of BiH and Hague Tribunal Judges

Judges from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Hague Tribunal met today in Sarajevo for the first time as part of the “Justice and War Crimes” project, in order to exchange experiences related to their work on war crimes cases.

3 July 2008

Kravica: Indictment altered

At the end of its evidence presentation, the State Prosecution has altered the first indictment for the Srebrenica genocide, despite its earlier repeated claims that it would not do it.
23 May 2008

Lelek: Thirteen years' imprisonment

The State Court has announced a guilty verdict on the basis of the first indictment for rape committed in Visegrad area.
16 May 2008

Lelek: An apology on behalf of the people

Addressing the Trial Chamber, Zeljko Lelek says that he was involved in the crimes in Visegrad and apologises to the innocent victims "on behalf of my people."
7 May 2008

Kravica: Krstic refuses to testify

ICTY convict Radislav Krstic does not want to communicate with the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina or testify in favour of the eleven indictees, who are charged with the genocide in Srebrenica.

5 May 2008

Lelek: Repeated testimony

The Court and Defence examine last witnesses at the trial of Zeljko Lelek.