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27 August 2015

The Trusina Attack: Five Year Trial Comes to a Close

After a trial that lasted nearly five years, the case involving the Bosnian Army attack on the village of Trusina ended. Five former members of the Bosnian Army will receive their verdicts on Tuesday, September 01.

8 June 2015

Verdict for Trusina Crimes in July

The Bosnian state court will hand down a verdict in the trial of Mensur Memic, Dzevad Salcin, Senad Hakalovic, Nedzad Hodzic and Nihad Bojadzic on July 13. The defendants have been charged with committing war crimes in the village of Trusina, near Konjic, on July 13, 1993.

19 March 2015

Defense Provides Material Evidence, Bojadzic to Testify in May

At today’s hearing of the Nihad Bojadzic trial, the defense presented more than 100 pieces of material evidence, most of which refer to the defendant’s movements and his status in the period covered by the indictment.

10 February 2015

Bosnian Court Criticised Over Quashed Verdicts

Last year the appeals chambers of the Bosnian court either quashed or significantly amended most of their first-instance war crimes verdicts, sparking criticism of their competence.
26 December 2014

Defence Witnesses to Appear in January

As announced by the Trial Chamber at a status conference, the presentation of evidence by the Defence of eight indictees, who are charged with crimes in the Kladanj area, is due to begin on January 23.

25 December 2014

Is Bosnia’s Prosecution ‘Tearing Up’ Investigations?

Legal experts and judicial officials have criticised the state prosecution for raising indictments for individual war crimes, reducing complex and wide-ranging attacks to a series of more minor incidents.
15 December 2014

Bosnian Court Might Introduce “Late Shift”

The Bosnian Court has started discussions on introducing a “second shift” to prosecute war crimes given that the State Prosecution has raised a record number of indictments this year, BIRN has learned.

27 November 2014

Nihad Bojadzic’s Authority

Testifying at the trial for crimes in Jablanica, a Defence witness says that he saw indictee Nihad Bojadzic on Mount Igman in the second half of July 1993.
6 November 2014

Threats to witnesses go without investigation

No one has ever been charged with making a threat against witnesses even though the witnesses themselves complain about the threats that they are receiving and that this is often the reason the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina orders war crimes suspects into custody.

16 September 2014

Verdict against the Cavalics on Friday

On Friday, September 19 the District Court in Doboj is due to pronounce a verdict against brothers Esad and Dervis Cavalic for crimes against Serb civilians in Derventa.
13 May 2014

Verdict against Dzeko at Beginning of June

The verdict against Edin Dzeko, who is charged with crimes against Croats in Trusina village, near Konjic and Jablanica, is due to be pronounced on June 6, the Trial Chamber announced following the presentation of the Defence’s closing statement.

8 May 2014

Bojadzic’s Defence Due to Begin Presenting Evidence in Late May

As announced by the Trial Chamber at a status conference, the Defence of Nihad Bojadzic, who is charged with crimes in Jablanica, is due to examine its first witnesses on May 22.
5 May 2014

Bosniak Soldier Denies Knowledge of Trusina Attack

Nihad Bojadzic, the former deputy commander of the Bosnian Army’s Zulfikar Squad, said that he was not told about an attack on the village of Trusina, where 22 Croats were killed.
4 April 2014

True or False Accusations of Edin Dzeko

During their presentation of evidence, which lasted about seven months, the Defence presented evidence which deny Dzeko’s guilt and thus challenged the witness testimonies of the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina who were accusing Dzeko.

28 March 2014

Witness Listened to Her Father’s Screams

At the trial for crimes committed in the territory of Kladanj, the witness for the prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina said that her father was beaten in the police station in Stupari.