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People: Vasiljevic Mitar
14 November 2012

Krsmanovic: Taken away from Rodic Brdo

At the trial of Oliver Krsmanovic, who is charged with crimes in Visegrad, a protected State Prosecution witness says that she heard that the indictee was present in Rodic Brdo village when the men were taken away, and that he participated in the rape of one person.
10 August 2010

Scores of Visegrad Victims Found in Lake

The remains of scores of civilians from the 1992 Visegrad killings in Bosnia have been found in Perucac lake, investigators have said, while the search for the bodies of victims from Kosovo continues.
11 February 2008

Lelek: Milan Lukic Refuses to Testify

Hague indictee Milan Lukic has refused to testify in favour of Zeljko Lelek, while Sredoje Lukic's decision is still awaited.
14 January 2008

Lelek: Another Invitation for ICTY Indictees

Zeljko Lelek's defence has asked the Court for help in contacting ICTY indictees who are considered to be witnesses.
12 November 2007

Lelek: Defence Warned

The trial of Zeljko Lelek has been postponed after attorney Fahrija Karkin failed to appear in Court.

18 June 2007

Lelek: Murders on the Visegrad Bridge

Two protected Prosecution witnesses at the trial of Zeljko Lelek have spoken about murders in Visegrad in 1992.
17 May 2007

Simsic: Retrial Delayed Until Further Notice

Process delayed until the Hague tribunal submits additional documents to the Court of BiH.
26 April 2007

Simsic: Appeal Judges Hear Vasiljevic Statement

The testimonies of Boban Simsic's defence witnesses are still under review at his retrial.
20 October 2006

Investigation: Visegrad rape victims say their cries go unherd

Handful who survived town's infamous rape camp fear they will never obtain justice.
9 June 2006

Key witness in Simsic trial goes back on testimony

The key defence witness in the trial of Boban Simsic, on Friday changed details of testimony previously given to the court by saying the accused was involved in the murder of her husband. Earlier in the week, the court ruled that the testimony of Mitar Vasiljevic would be via video link from the Hague Tribunal.
23 March 2006

Sismic: Court allows Hague indictees to testify

Three individuals who have been indicted by the Hague war crimes tribunal could appear as defence witnesses in proceedings against Boban Simsic before Bosnia 's own war crimes chamber.