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People: Stojanovic Miodrag
21 May 2013

Verdict against the Cavalic Brothers on May 31

The District Court in Doboj is due to pronounce a verdict against brothers Esad and Dervis Cavalic, who are charged with war crimes against Serb civilians in Derventa, on May 31. 
10 May 2013

False Promises in Potocari

Testifying against wartime BosnianSerb military leader Ratko Mladic, a witness says that Serb forces separated Muslimmen from their families in Potocari.

18 April 2013

Mladic Told Srebrenica Civilians 'Survive or Perish'

During testimony by Dutch officer Pieter Boering, prosecutors at the trial of Ratko Mladic  again showed footage in which the Bosian Serb commander, on seizing Srebrenica in July 1995, told Muslim captives they could “survive or perish”.

12 April 2013

Mladic Ejected for Insulting Witness

Bosnian Serb wartime general Ratko Mladic launched a tirade at the judge after he was ejected from his Hague trial for calling a witness who survived the Srebrenica massacres a liar.
5 April 2013

Rib Fractures

During the continuation of the trial of brothers Esad and Dervis Cavalic, who are charged with crimes in Derventa, court expert Ljubormir Curkic says that the fractures to the ribs that were noticed on the remains of Blagoje Djuras, who was killed in 1992, could have been caused prior or after his death.
2 April 2013

Prisoner Hit with Boots

As the trial of brothers Esad and Dervis Cavalic, who are charged with crimes against Serb civilians in Derventa, continues, a court expert presents his findings about the injuries on the body of Blagoje Djuras. Djuras was killed in the Yugoslav National Army, JNA Centre in Derventa in April 1992.
28 March 2013

Tinja Detainees Without Injuries

Defence witnesses told the Cantonal court in Tuzla that detained members of the Territorial defence of Tinja were not detained in the Smoluca prison.
26 March 2013

Prisoners in Smoluca Were Not Mistreated

As the trial for crime against prisoners in Smoluca (Kalesija Municipality) continues, eight defence witnesses testified that they treated the detained members of Territorial Defence (TO) from Tinja (Srebrenik Municipality) according to rules and that they did not even hear about anyone beating or hurting them.

26 March 2013

More Than 1,700 Meals Prepared

As the trial before Tuzla Cantonal Court continues, defence witnesses testified that there was no harassment or mistreatment of detained members of the Tinja Territorial Defence in Smoluca prison (Lukavac Municipality), noting that they were detained in a room that met the requirements in line with available capacities.
7 March 2013

Disputing the Minutes

During the continuation of the trial for war crimes against prisoners of war in Smoluca village, Lukavac municipality, witness Goran Stanisic describes how minutes are made during investigations and examination of witnesses at the State Investigation and Protection Agency, SIPA.

27 February 2013

Mladic: Everyday Civilian Victims

Norwegian Major Thorbjorn Overgard says at the trial of Ratko Mladic that civilians in Sarajevo were killed by grenades and sniper bullets fired from positions held by the Republika Srpska Army, VRS.
18 December 2012

Local Justice - Tuzla: Everyday Beating in Detention

During the continuation of the trial for crimes in Lukavac municipality a Tuzla Canton Prosecution witness says that he was tortured during his detention in a garage and log cabin in Smoluca village during 1992.
11 December 2012

Mladic: Grenades Came From Opposite Sides

While cross-examining the prosecution’s witness, the defence of Ratko Mladic tried to show that there is reasonable doubt on who opened fire on civilians in Sarajevo in several attacks in 1994 and 1995.
13 November 2012

Mladic: Legitimate Military Targets

As the trial of Ratko Mladic before The Hague Tribunal continues, his Defence tries to deny the findings of investigations, which determined that the Republika Srpska Army, VRS was responsible for shelling and sniping attacks against civilians in Sarajevo in 1994 and 1995.
6 November 2012

Mladic: Witness Recalls Second Markale Explosion

At the trial of the former Bosnian Serb army chief, Ratko Mladic, the Hague Tribunal heard a testimony about the second attack on Sarajevo’s Markale market in August 1995.