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13 February 2014

Most Hague Tribunal Convicts Already Free

Of the 74 people convicted by the Hague Tribunal of wartime crimes in the former Yugoslavia, 49 of them are already out of jail, most of them after being granted early release.
29 March 2013

Hague Finances Defence for Most War Crimes Suspects

The Hague Tribunal has wholly or partly paid for the defence of most of the suspects tried for wartime violations, but cannot reveal the amount of money actually spent.
21 December 2012

Mandate of Hague Tribunal Judges Extended

The United Nations, UN Security Council has extended the mandate of Hague Tribunal judges and called on the Tribunal to undertake measures in order to complete the cases conducted before the Tribunal by the end of 2014.
12 October 2012

Karadzic: Indictee Has to Finance Part of the Defence Costs

After an investigation determined that indictee Radovan Karadzic’s family has movable assets and real estate, the Hague Tribunal Registrar orders him to bear a part of costs of his defence to the amount of around 300,000 KM.