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25 August 2016

Ex-Detainees Recall Harsh Conditions at Ljubuski Prison

Former prisoners testified about unhygienic conditions and malnourishment at a military prison in Ljubuski where they were detained in 1993 and 1994.

14 July 2016

Croatian Defence Council Fighter ‘Beat Prisoner Daily’

At the trial of former Croatian Defence Council fighter Almaz Nezirovic for alleged torture and inhumane treatment of detained Serb civilians, a witness said the defendant beat him several times.

14 April 2016

Ljubuski Jail Guard ‘Used Prisoner as Target’

A witness at the trial of seven former guards at a wartime prison in Ljubuski said he was kept in filthy conditions and used as a target for shooting practice by one guard.

18 February 2016

Witness Describes Abuse and Torture in Ljubuski Prison

Testifying at the trial of seven defendants charged with war crimes in Ljubuski, a prosecution witness described arrests and beatings that occurred in a prison in that town.

4 February 2016

Witness Identifies Stojan Odak as Brutally Abusive Guard at VIZ Prison

Testifying at the trial of seven former managers and guards at the VIZ prison in Ljubuski, a state prosecution witness identified defendant Stojan Odak as one of the members of the “Jastrebovi,” who mistreated and beat prisoners whenever they could.

28 January 2016

Witnesses Describe Arrests and Subsequent Abuse in Ljubuski Detention Site

Testifying at the trial of seven defendants charged with Ljubuski crimes, a protected witness identified defendant Ivan Kraljevic as the man who apprehended him on a bus, beat him and escorted him to a prison in Capljina.

14 January 2016

Witness Forced to Throw Dark out of Cell

A state prosecution witness said Ivan Kraljevic, also known as Ivica, was present once during his examination and beating in a prison in Ljubuski, but he did not participate in it.

17 December 2015

Witnesses Describe Torture and Abuse of Ljubuski Prisoners by Bosnian Croat Prison Staff

A state prosecution witness testifying at the trial of seven former Bosnian Croat prison managers and guards said he was beaten and tortured during his detention in a prison in Ljubuski in 1993.
7 December 2015

Witnesses Describe Abuse and Poor Living Conditions at VIZ Prison in Ljubuski

State prosecution witnesses described the poor living conditions at the VIZ prison in Ljubuski, where they were held from May 1993 to March 1994. They testified at the trial of seven former prison managers and guards charged with the abuse of former prisoners.

1 December 2015

Former Croat Member of Bosnian Army Describes Abuse at VIZ Prison

The first prosecution witness to testify at the trial of former VIZ prison managers and guards said he was held in various facilities in Herzegovina during his ten months of detention.

27 October 2015

Bosnian Croats’ Trial for Ljubuski Prisoner Abuse Opens

Seven men went on trial accused of abusing imprisoned Bosniaks in 1993 and 1994 as part of alleged attempts to create an ethnically pure Croat statelet in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
20 October 2015

Trial for VIZ Prison Crimes Begins Next Week

The trial of seven defendants charged with war crimes committed in the VIZ prison in Ljubuski, is scheduled to begin on October 27. A status conference on the case was held today before the Bosnian state court.

14 August 2015

Ljubuski Crimes Indictment Confirmed

The Bosnian state court has confirmed an indictment against eight former members of the Croatian Defence Council charged with war crimes in Ljubuski.

18 June 2015

Bosnia Arrests Eight for Ljubuski War Crimes

Police arrested eight former Croatian Defence Council fighters on suspicion that they committed war crimes against Bosniak prisoners detained in Ljubuski in south-west Bosnia and Herzegovina.