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People: Simsic Boban
9 September 2011

Becoming Familiar with Protected Witnesses

Witnesses who are granted protection measures and appear at war crime trials before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, say that their identity is often uncovered, forcing them into a life of fear because of threats and pressure.
8 January 2009

Changes to Jail Terms Raise Doubts about Justice

Drastic revisions in prison sentences between first and second instances are either a sign that the appeal process if working well, or a sign that something is very wrong with the judicial system.
5 June 2008

Courts Need Clearer Rules on War Crime Trials

New strategies need to be developed to clarify which war crime cases go before the State Court, and which can be safely referred to lower courts.
19 March 2008

Savic pleads not guilty

Momir Savic pleaded not guilty to the counts charging him with crimes against humanity in Visegrad in 1992.
26 June 2007

Simsic: Call to Remove Judges

Boban Simsic's defence team asks for the current appeals judges to be removed and for the retrial to be postponed
18 May 2007

Justice Requires Support for Witnesses

Inadequate support and protection of witnesses in war crimes cases puts them – and their readiness to testify in future – at risk, discovers Justice Report.
17 May 2007

Simsic: Retrial Delayed Until Further Notice

Process delayed until the Hague tribunal submits additional documents to the Court of BiH.
9 May 2007

Simsic: Last Defence Videos Aired

The final taped recordings of Defence witnesses have been reviewed by appeals judges at the retrial of former Visegrad policeman.
26 April 2007

Simsic: Contradictory Statements by Witnesses

In the resumed proceedings against Boban Simsic before the Court of BiH, court continues to review audio recordings of witness testimonies.
26 April 2007

Simsic: Witness "Changes her Testimony"

Appeals judges have reviewed the testimony of the last Prosecution witness as well as of two court experts.
26 April 2007

Simsic: Inconsistencies in witnesses' testimonies

The appellate chamber has continued reviewing video records of witnesses who gave their testimonies during the first instance process.
26 April 2007

Simsic: Appeal Judges Hear Vasiljevic Statement

The testimonies of Boban Simsic's defence witnesses are still under review at his retrial.
9 March 2007

Simsic: Retrial Begins

The retrial has got underway with the reading of the indictment and opening arguments from both sides.
14 February 2007

Simsic retrial scheduled for March

Boban Simsic, who is charged with crimes against civilians from Visegrad, is to stand trial again.
9 January 2007

Indictees "on hunger strike"

A plea hearing involving four Srebrenica suspects is postponed after a group of war crimes suspects launch protest against the Court's choice of criminal code.