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People: Ramic Niset
21 November 2007

Ramic: Both Sides Appeal

The Appellate Chamber of the Court of BiH listens to the Prosecution and Defence appeals against the first instance verdict handed down to Niset Ramic.
17 July 2007

Ramic Sentenced to Ten Years

The Court of BiH has convicted Niset Ramic of war crimes and sentenced him to ten years in prison.
12 July 2007

Ramic: Verdict Due on 17 July

The Defence has called for a ten-year prison sentence - but the Prosecution has not specified what punishment it is seeking.
21 June 2007

Ramic: Death in Hlapcevici

Former members of the Territorial Defence of Visoko testify in favour of Niset Ramic.
23 May 2007

Ramic: Information Available to Police

Two former policemen from Visoko have testified in favour of the indictee.
18 May 2007

Ramic: Geneva Conventions Respected

Two more defence witnesses have spoken of the "disarmament" of Serbs in villages around Visoko in June 1992 - and claim that the Geneva Conventions were respected.
26 April 2007

Ramic: Results of Psychiatric Examination

A Court certified neuropsychiatrist has claimed that the indictee suffers from a personality disorder.
9 March 2007

Ramic: Complications at the Trial

A newly appointed defence attorney has asked to be replaced, leading to a postponement in the proceedings.
13 February 2007

Ramic human rights claim

The Prosecution has postponed its presentation of evidence after the indictee made a series of demands on the court.
5 February 2007

Ramic: Helping a survivor

Another eyewitness to the execution of Bosnian Serbs in a village near Visoko has testified against Niset Ramic.
16 January 2007

Ramic: Murder in the backyard

A prosecution witness has described the murder of a group of civilians with which Niset Ramic is charged.
9 January 2007

Ramic apologises to Visoko victim

Indictee tells prosecution witness tha the is sorry for shooting his parents.
5 December 2006

Ramic trial to begin on December 18

Status conference sets date for trial of indictee accused of crimes against Bosnian Serbs.
30 October 2006

Ramic denies guilt

Former territorial defence member charged with murdering four Serbs in Visoko municipality pleads not guilty.
19 October 2006

Court of BIH detains Ramic

The Court of BiH has ordered indictee Niset Ramic be detained for the duration of trial.