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Case: Ninkovic Branislav
26 April 2016

Former Bosnian Presidency Member’s Trial Hears Murder Claims

The first witness testified at the trial of Borislav Paravac, a Serb former member of Bosnia’s tripartite presidency, accused of participating in wartime attacks that killed several hundred Bosniaks and Croats.

2 March 2016

Witness at Ninkovic Trial Describes Mistreatment of Doboj Detainees

Vojin Lukic, a witness at the Branislav Ninkovic trial, said armed members of various formations used to enter the district prison of Doboj and mistreat detainees. Ninkovic has been charged with crimes committed in the district prison of Doboj.

17 February 2016

Witness Says Ninkovic Beat Detainee in District Prison of Doboj

Testifying at the trial of Branislav Ninkovic, charged with crimes in Dobor, witness Fadil Ahmic said he heard the defendant beating detainee Jozo Matanovic in the district prison of Doboj in 1992.
29 December 2015

Former Doboj Prison Detainees Testify at Ninkovic Retrial

The retrial of Branislav Ninkovic has began before the district court of Doboj. Three former prisoners of the Doboj prison, where Ninkovic worked as a guard, described the mistreatment they experienced at the hands of the defendant and others during their detention.

4 December 2015

Ninkovic Retrial Begins on December 29

The retrial of Branislav Ninkovic, a former guard at the district prison in Doboj, will begin at the district court of Doboj on December 29.

2 June 2015

Ninkovic Sentenced to Two Years in Prison

The district court of Doboj has sentenced Branislav Ninkovic to two years in prison for crimes committed against civilians in the Doboj district prison.
27 May 2015

Branislav Ninkovic Verdict Expected June 2

After the prosecution and defense presented their closing statements, the district court of Doboj scheduled the announcement of Branislav Ninkovic’s verdict for June 2.
11 May 2015

Presentation of Evidence by Ninkovic Defense Completed

The defense completed its presentation of evidence at the Branislav Ninkovic trial. Ninkovic has been charged with war crimes in Doboj.

14 April 2015

Former Doboj Prison Guard Testifies in Own Defense

Testifying in his own defense, Branislav Ninkovic said he never abused prisoners at the Doboj prison.

18 March 2015

Ninkovic Will Testify in His Own Defense

At today’s hearing of the Branislav Ninkovic trial, the trial chamber accepted a proposal by the defense to examine the defendant after all material evidence had been presented.

26 February 2015

Prison Guards Couldn’t Confront the Red Berets, Witness Says

Former guards testifying at the trial of former prison guard Branislav Ninkovic said that prisoners were killed and taken away at the Doboj prison.

28 January 2015

About Ten Guards – Hundreds of Detainees

The presentation of Defence's evidence at the trial of Branislav Ninkovic, who is charged with crimes against detained civilians, has begun with testimonies by former guards and Manager of a prison in Doboj.

29 December 2014

Prosecution Completes Evidence Presentation at Ninkovic's Trial

The presentation of Prosecution's evidence at the trial of Branislav Ninkovic, who is charged with crimes against the civilian population in Doboj, has been completed with the reading of witness Stjepen Jelec's statement before the District Court in Doboj.

17 November 2014

Beaten up in Doboj Prison

As the trial of Branislav Ninkovic, former guard in the District Prison in Doboj, who is charged with crimes against civilians, continues, Prosecution witness Saban Ibrakovic says that the indictee did not beat him during his detention.

23 October 2014

Injuries of Prisoners in District Prison

As the trial of Branislav Ninkovic continues, a Prosecution expert witness says that many injuries of prisoners were registered in a book of medical examinations in the District Prison in Doboj.