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People: Nikacevic Miodrag
29 March 2012

Gazdic: Indictee as Hope and Misery

A protected State Prosecution witness says that indictee Jasko Gazdic took a female person to a room in an apartment in Foca, where they had been brought together in the summer of 1992.
24 May 2010

Seven People Awaiting Verdicts at Liberty

Seven people awaiting the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina to pronounce second instance verdicts in cases that have been brought against them are currently at liberty. They were sentenced, by first instance verdicts, to between five and 14 years in prison for war crimes.

26 January 2009

Nikacevic: Ten Witnesses Deny Rape Allegations

Witnesses deny former Foca policeman raped two women in 1992, saying he often risked his safety to help others. After the closing arguments, a verdict is due by early February 2009.
21 November 2008

Nikacevic: Hugs and Greetings in Courtroom

The Defence of Miodrag Nikacevic is due to examine one more witness prior to the completion of its evidence presenting.
21 October 2008

Nikacevic: Adapted behaviour

A psychiatrist, examined by the Defence of Miodrag Nikacevic, speaks about the findings of doctor Senadin Ljubovic, a Prosecution expert.
7 October 2008

Nikacevic: An ordinary detention

Defence witnesses speak about the detention of Rasim Klapuh, whose death is charged upon Miodrag Nikacevic.
2 September 2008

Nikacevic: Credible policeman

Two Defence witnesses speak about indictee Miodrag Nikacevic's personality.
8 July 2008

Nikacevic: Conspiracy of silence

A court expert - a psychiatrist - determined that losing a child and being raped are two things that have the most deteriorating consequences on one's personality.
17 June 2008

Nikacevic: Wild beasts

A Prosecution witness claims that Miodrag Nikacevic was the one who sent other people to search her apartment and mistreat her family.
20 May 2008

Nikacevic: Visits and threats by indictee

Prosecution witnesses recall Nikacevic and the start of the war in Foca.
13 May 2008

Nikacevic: Witnesses under pressure

The Prosecution has announced that its witnesses will testify under protection measures, as the indictee's family has allegedly put pressure on them.
29 April 2008

Nikacevic: Another trial for Foca crimes

Another trial for crimes in Foca municipality has begun before the War Crimes Chamber.
17 March 2008

Nikacevic: Indictment confirmed

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has confirmed the indictment charging Foca policeman Miodrag Nikacevic with having raped two women.