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People: Mrkaljevic Danilo
12 March 2015

Five Former Police Officials Accused of Aiding Srebrenica Genocide, Trial Begins in April

The Bosnian state court will begin its trial against five former Bosnian Serb police officials who allegedly participated in the Srebrenica genocide on April 2.
11 July 2008

Bozic et al: Accelerate evidence presenting

The Defence of the four indictees gives up the examination of a former Major with the Dutch Battalion in Srebrenica.
12 March 2008

Kravica: Defence questions court expert's credibility

Former ICTY investigator claims that the remains found in Srebrenica mass graves undoubtedly came from the warehouse in Kravica.

28 May 2007

Bozic et al: Corpses Collected "as part of civil duty"

A witness who claims to have taken part in the collection of the remains of murdered Bosniaks in front of a Bratunac school in July 1995 is questioned by both sides.
20 April 2007

Bozic et al: Another Srebrenica Trial Starts

Four men charged with crimes against humanity have appeared before the War Crimes Chamber in Sarajevo.