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24 June 2013

Remains of Killed Dzananovic Identified

Testifying before the District Court in Eastern Sarajevo at the trial for crimes in Rogatica municipality, court expert Hamza Zujo confirms that the remains, which were exhumed from a cemetery in Starcici village, belong to Midhat Dzananovic, who was killed in August 1992.

16 May 2013

Prosecution Presents Evidence For Prozor Crimes

By entering 119 physical exhibits into evidence at the trial of Zeljko Jukic, charged with crimes committed in Prozor in 1993, the prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina has finished its evidence hearing.
5 April 2013

Pensioners and Children Found in Bosnia War Graves

 A trial for war crimes in Prozor was told that many graves found in the area contained victims over the age of 60, but corpses of a child and a baby had also been exhumed.

24 January 2013

Local Justice – Markovic: Torture in Sokolac

Testifying at the trial of Milan Markovic for crimes in the Sokolac area, Prosecution expert witnesses say that witness Hasan Dugic has symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder caused by the arrest, detention and torture he suffered in 1992.
16 August 2012

Alma Bravo-Mehmedbasic: Rehabilitation or Robots without Emotions

Neuropsychologist Alma Bravo-Mehmedbasic sends a message to victims of rape urging them to tell their story and to come forward for complete rehabilitation.
10 August 2011

Court Experts: An Unnecessary Expense?

There are some who believe, particularly the victims of war crimes, that the expert analysis of indictees, which decides whether an indictee is fit to stand trial for war crimes before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is in fact an unnecessary drain on budgetary resources and obstructs the court proceedings.