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People: Maktouf Abduladhim
4 April 2006

Maktouf sentenced to five years

Former Muslim soldier Abduladhim Maktouf found guilty of role in kidnapping, in first case completed before Bosnia's specialist war crimes chamber.
20 March 2006

Maktouf: Witnesses refuse to testify

A prosecution and a defence witness fail to provide planned testimony.
14 March 2006

Key witnesses to confront each other in Maktouf case

After the appearance of a defence witness in the case of Abduldahim Maktouf pointed to contradictory facts, the Appeal Council decided to bring key prosecution and defence witnesses face to face

13 March 2006

Maktouf: Defence witness expounds on islamic law

Witness claims Abduldahim Maktouf could not have been a member of the Al Mujaheed unit during the Bosnian war because he was involved in trade, a profession forbidden by Islamic law.