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People: Lazarevic Sreten
9 June 2015

Sentences for Zvornik Crimes Reduced

The appeals chamber of the Bosnian state court reduced sentences against Sreten Lazarevic, Dragan Stanojevic and Slobodan Ostojic, who were found guilty of war crimes in Zvornik. The sentence was reduced based on the criminal code of the former Yugoslavia, which provides more favourable sentencing for perpetrators.

4 June 2015

Verdict in Zvornik War Crimes Case Expected June 9

The appeals chamber of the Bosnian state court will hand down its verdict in the case of Sreten Lazarevic, Dragan Stanojevic and Slobodan Ostojic on June 9.

19 November 2013

About Twenty More BiH Court Verdicts under Question

Defence attorneys of convicts sentenced for genocide and war crimes before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina announce that proceedings will be renewed in many more cases due to the wrong application of the Criminal Code.

22 July 2010

Lazarević et al: A Motion to Amend the Indictment

The evidentiary phase of the retrial of four defendants charged with the beatings of detainees at two camps in Zvornik concluded with a video review of the original testimony of Mustafa Halilovic.
24 May 2010

Seven People Awaiting Verdicts at Liberty

Seven people awaiting the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina to pronounce second instance verdicts in cases that have been brought against them are currently at liberty. They were sentenced, by first instance verdicts, to between five and 14 years in prison for war crimes.

10 September 2009

Lazarevic et al: First-instance Verdict for Zvornik Crimes Overturned

The Appellate Chamber overturns the conviction in the verdict against Sreten Lazarevic, Dragan Stanojevic, Mile Markovic and Slobodan Ostojic and orders a retrial.
27 November 2008

Selecting Priorities in War Crimes Processing

Disagreements over which trials should be held before the State Court, and which should go before lower courts, will continue until a war-crimes strategy finally sorts out the issue of case referral.

17 September 2008

Lazarevic et al: New old indictment

At the trial for Zvornik crimes, the State Prosecution and Defence are engaged in a confrontation over interpretation of the law.
20 August 2008

Lazarevic et al: Visiting relatives on religious holidays

A Defence witness provides an alibi for indictee Slobodan Ostojic.
14 August 2008

Lazarevic at al: No Signs of Chauvinism

Dragan Stanojevic's Defence examines a witness, who describes the indictee's personality.
14 July 2008

Lazarevic et al: Lawless times

A former policeman from Zvornik claims that policemen did not participate in the capture and detention of Bosniaks in "Novi izvor."
4 July 2008

Lazarevic et al: Driving detainees to work

A Defence witness says the detainees, who were held in "Novi izvor," were taken to other locations to perform forced labour.
30 June 2008

Lazarevic et al: Grateful to indictees

Three Defence witnesses deny the allegations in the indictment, that the detainees were held in inhumane conditions in the detention camp in Zvornik.
26 June 2008

Lazarevic et al: Good treatment

The first witness for the Defence of Sreten Lazarevic claims he saw the defendant in the Novi izvor building in the summer of 1992.
23 June 2008

Lazarevic et al: Defence due to present evidence on June 26

The four indictees fail to appear at the status conference related to the Defence evidence presentation plan.