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People: Kvocka Miroslav
20 January 2014

Intrusions into Omarska from Outside

Testifying in defence of Radovan Karadzic, Miroslav Kvocka, former police guard in Omarska detention camp, says that Serb policemen did not endanger thousands of Muslims and Croats, who were detained in that facility, in the summer of 1992.

9 November 2010

ICTY: Request for Zigic's Early Release Rejected

The Hague Tribunal's President has rejected a request for the early release of Zoran Zigic, who was sentenced for crimes committed in Prijedor.
6 August 2010

Omarska: A Monument to Savagery and Resistance

Several hundred former detainees from Prijedor and their families have gathered in Omarska to commemorate August 6th, the day when the disassembly of this camp began 18 years ago.
27 February 2008

Mejakic et al: Similar Statements

Momcilo Gruban's Defence witnesses have claimed that he was not commander of guards in Omarska detention camp.
3 December 2007

Horrors of Omarska and Keraterm

In less than a year, the Prosecution of BiH has examined 45 witnesses and presented 201 pieces of material evidence against the four indictees charged with crimes committed in Omarska and Keraterm detention camps.
28 June 2007

Mejakic et al: Loading Bodies in Omarska

A protected Prosecution witness speaks of the collection of corpses in detention camp.
27 June 2007

Mejakic et al: Maltreatment in Omarska

Prosecution witness speaks about the torture that detainees were exposed to in Omarska.
3 May 2007

Mejakic et al: Witness Changes His Testimony

Doubt is cast on sighting of primary indictee in Omarska.
15 March 2007

Mejakic et al: Defence Accuses Prosecution Witness

Former Omarska detainee describes living conditions in the detention camp.

10 May 2006

Prijedor defendents to face Court within a month

Prosecutors get 30 days to rework indictment against four Bosnian Serbs transferred to Sarajevo from The Hague Tribunal.