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People: Kondic Vinko
27 August 2015

Kondic Incapable of Standing Trial for Fifth Year in a Row

Presenting their findings at a status conference, a court ordered neuropsychiatrist stated that Vinko Kondic would not be able to participate in court proceedings in the future. Kondic, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, had his trial discontinued in 2010.

1 September 2014

Kondic’s Health Condition Deteriorated

Court medicine experts determine that health condition of indictee Vinko Kondic, whose trial was interrupted in September 2010 due to his illness, has not improved. 

17 March 2014

Kondic’s Condition Deteriorated

The healthof indictee Vinko Kondic, who is not capable of following the trial due to Parkinson’s disease, has further deteriorated, a court expert says at a status conference.

26 August 2013

Kondic not Capable of Following Trial

Medical court experts have determined that indictee Vinko Kondic is not capable of following the trial due to Parkinson’s disease - this was said at a status conference held as part of the trial for crimes in Kljuc. 

10 August 2011

Court Experts: An Unnecessary Expense?

There are some who believe, particularly the victims of war crimes, that the expert analysis of indictees, which decides whether an indictee is fit to stand trial for war crimes before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is in fact an unnecessary drain on budgetary resources and obstructs the court proceedings.
8 July 2011

Karadzic: Key Role of Police

At the trial of Radovan Karadzic a Hague Prosecution expert witness speaks about cases where Republika Srpska police participated in murders, deportations and holding Bosniaks and Croats in detention facilities.
28 January 2011

Local Justice: Truth Is the Only Way Forward

At a meeting with representatives of the Una-Sana Cantonal Prosecution and police on Friday, victims from the Kljuc area expressed their satisfaction with the efforts of those institutions in finding and processing war crimes perpetrators.

26 January 2011

Vinko Kondic Still Unable to Follow Trial

At a status conference held in the case against Vinko Kondic, the Defence of the indictee says that, despite regular medical therapy, he is still incapable of following the trial.

30 December 2010

More than three hundred years of imprisonment

In its sixth year of operation, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina Chamber for War Crimes sentenced 15 persons to a total of 156 years in prison, and acquitted seven, while the Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina claims that they are also investigating one thousand suspects over war crimes offences.
15 December 2010

Adamovic and Lukic: Neighbourly Chat

Testifying in defence of the second indictee at the trial for crimes committed in the Kljuc area, Dusan Grabez says that Marko Adamovic “never commanded armed forces”.
30 November 2010

Adamovic and Lukic: Tasks Carried Out Properly

Testifying in his own defence, indictee Marko Adamovic denies all of the 14 counts contained in the indictment against him, saying he was not Commander of the Kljuc Town Defence Command nor member of the Crisis Committee.
24 November 2010

Adamovic and Lukic: Hearing Closed to Public

At the trial for crimes committed in the Kljuc area a protected witness testifies in defence of Bosko Lukic at a closed session.

18 November 2010

Adamovic and Lukic: No Knowledge about Crimes

Testifying at the trial for crimes committed in the Kljuc area, Defence witnesses say that Bosko Lukic and Marko Adamovic were not members of the Serbian Democratic Party, SDS.
1 November 2010

Kondic: Permanently Dependent on Outside Assistance

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina has refused to accept the findings of a team of experts who say that Vinko Kondic is not capable of following his trial, and called on the Court to allow another assessment of the indictee's mental and physical capacity.
25 October 2010

Adamovic and Lukic: Hellish Detention Camps and Brutal Murders

After more than two years, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina has completed its presentation of evidence at the trial of Vinko Kondic, Bosko Lukic and Marko Adamovic, who are charged with crimes committed in Kljuc.