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13 December 2013

Sentences against the Damjanovic Brothers Reduced

Applying a decision by the European Court for Human Rights in Strasbourg, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina reduces sentences against both Zoran and Goran Damjanovic by four and a half years. Goran Damjanovic is sentenced to six and a half years for war crimes against the civilian population, while his brother Zoran is sentenced to six years.

4 December 2013

Verdict against Damjanovics’ Due on December 13

At the renewed trial against Goran and Zoran Damjanovic, who are charged with war crimes, the Defence teams call for verdicts of release or minimal sentences according to the former Yugoslav law in the event that they are found guilty. The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina calls for an imprisonment sentence.

21 November 2013

Freed Bosnian Serb War Criminals’ Retrial Opens

The new trial will not reconsider the guilt of brothers Goran and Zoran Damjanovic, whose war crimes verdict was quashed because the wrong criminal code was used at their original trial.
15 November 2013

Hearing of Testimonies at Retrial of Damjanovic Brothers

The new trial of Goran Damjanovic and Zoran Damjanovic is due to begin on November 21, when the indictment will be read and introductory statements presented. At the same hearing the Court will begin hearing witnesses’ statements.

6 September 2013

Witness Describes Violent Policeman

Testifying at the trial for crimes in Kladanj, witness Milos Celic points to indictee Osman Gogic in the courtroom, saying that he was the military policeman who beat him up brutally. 

25 December 2012

Basic and Sijak: “Frozen” Indictment

Presenting its closing statement, the Defence of Mirsad Sijak calls for a verdict of release, saying that the Prosecution has not proved his guilt for rape committed in Vares in 1994. The Trial Chamber has set the pronouncement of verdict for January 18.
20 March 2012

Basic and Sijak: Strange Cry

At the trial for crimes in Vares, a witness of the Prosecution said that on the day when protected witness A was raped, he met the second indictee in Vares.
9 December 2011

Basic and Sijak: Prohibiting Measures Requested

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina requests the State Court to order prohibiting measures against Muhidin Basic and Mirsad Sijak, who are charged with crimes against civilians in the Vares area in 1994, while the Defence objects to the request.
7 April 2010

Gasal et al: "On Duty" in Court

The Trial Chamber postpones the continuation of the trial for Bugojno crimes until next week, since Enes Handzic's Defence has asked that journalist Esad Hecimovic leave the courtroom as he will be invited to testify as a witness.


28 January 2009

Lalovic and Skiljevic plead not guilty

Two former managers of the Correctional Facility in Kula plead not guilty.

9 January 2009

Lalovic and Skiljevic: Custody order motion

The State Prosecution files a motion requesting custody of indictees charged with crimes committed in Kula Correctional Facility.
16 May 2008

Lelek: An apology on behalf of the people

Addressing the Trial Chamber, Zeljko Lelek says that he was involved in the crimes in Visegrad and apologises to the innocent victims "on behalf of my people."
29 April 2008

Kurtovic: Request for examination of Sefer Halilovic

Although the Defence asked for new pieces of evidence to be presented and the examination of Sefer Halilovic, the Trial Chamber rejected the proposal and scheduled closing arguments.
24 March 2008

Lelek: Complaining about the obstruction of proceedings

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina has asked the Trial Chamber to end the presenting of evidence by Zeljko Lelek's Defence, which has been going on for more than 10 months.
10 March 2008

Lelek: Amendments to indictment

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina examines additional witnesses, whose statements might lead to expansion of the indictment.