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14 April 2015

Bosnia Convicts Four of Dretelj Jail Camp Abuses

Four former members of the Croatian Defence Forces were sentenced to a total of 24 years in prison for abusing Serb prisoners at the Dretelj detention camp and in Mostar in 1992.
7 October 2014

Defendant Buljubasic Changes Lawyer Again

The Trial Chamber has again granted the request of Edib Buljubasic, charged with crimes committed in Dretelj near Capljina, who asked for the dismissal of his attorney.
17 December 2013

Herceg “Innocently Charged”

Testifying at the trial of former members of the Croatian Defence Forces, HOS, a Defence witness says that he did not see indictee Srecko Herceg in the Dretelj military barracks.

13 December 2013

Sentences against the Damjanovic Brothers Reduced

Applying a decision by the European Court for Human Rights in Strasbourg, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina reduces sentences against both Zoran and Goran Damjanovic by four and a half years. Goran Damjanovic is sentenced to six and a half years for war crimes against the civilian population, while his brother Zoran is sentenced to six years.

21 November 2013

Freed Bosnian Serb War Criminals’ Retrial Opens

The new trial will not reconsider the guilt of brothers Goran and Zoran Damjanovic, whose war crimes verdict was quashed because the wrong criminal code was used at their original trial.
15 November 2013

Hearing of Testimonies at Retrial of Damjanovic Brothers

The new trial of Goran Damjanovic and Zoran Damjanovic is due to begin on November 21, when the indictment will be read and introductory statements presented. At the same hearing the Court will begin hearing witnesses’ statements.

17 August 2011

Baricanin: Defence Attorney Reprimanded

At the trial for crimes in Grbavica, Sarajevo Dusko Tomic, Defence attorney of indictee Sasa Baricanin refuses to examine a Prosecution expert witness because he failed to review “the entire file” when making his findings and opinion about a protected Prosecution witness.