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2 April 2015

Bosnian State Prosecution Criticized Over Transfer of War Crimes Cases

Entity level prosecutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina are dissatisfied with the practice of transferring war crimes from the state level to the entities, after indictments have already been raised. This is affecting their norms, BIRN has learned.
21 October 2014

Number of indictments for war crimes rises

During past ten months, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina has indicted 63 people for war crimes, which is a record number in comparison to previous years.

13 October 2014

Bosnia Struggles With War Crimes Investigation Backlog

The number of war crimes investigations into known suspects has only been reduced by two per cent in the past two years, with over 1,200 cases from the 1992-95 conflict still being probed.
12 March 2014

Investigation into Crimes in Gorazde

Acting on a warrant issued by the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH, officers of the State Investigation and Protection Agency, SIPA, confiscate documentation about war crimes against the Serb population from the premises of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bosnian Podrinje Canton in Gorazde.

5 March 2014

Bosnian Prosecution Indictments ‘Still Secret’

The Bosnian State prosecution still does not allow journalists covering trials access to indictments, despite the fact that institutions have found that access to these documents is a great public interest.
26 February 2014

War Crimes Plea Bargains Provoke Questions

The Bosnian prosecutor hasn’t made a single plea bargain with a war crimes suspect for two years, sparking debate about whether vital information about wartime burial sites is being missed.
19 February 2014

'No Results' From Serbia-Bosnia War Crimes Deal

Not a single person has been brought to justice within a year of the signing of a landmark protocol on cooperation in war crimes cases between Bosnia and Serbia.
19 February 2014

Gordana Tadic Replaces Vesna Budimir

Prosecutor Gordana Tadic has been appointed Chief of the Special War Crimes Section of the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina after Vesna Budimir resigned from that position.

14 February 2014

Bosnia Rejects Srebrenica Massacre Prosecutions in Serbia

Sarajevo prosecutors decided not to ask Belgrade to launch two cases against former Bosnian Serb policemen accused of involvement in the Srebrenica massacres.
14 February 2014

Salihovic Will Consider Budimir’s Resignation

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina confirms that Vesna Budimir filed her resignation as Manager of the Special War Crimes Section.

31 December 2013

Indictment for Bosanska Krupa Killings

The Bosnian Prosecution has raised an indictment against Joja Plavanjac and Zdravko Narancic, former members of the Bosnian Serb army for crimes against civilians in Bosanska Krupa.
27 December 2013

Rogatica Crimes Suspects Arrested

The State Investigation and Protection Agency, SIPA has arrested six people on suspicion they took part in war crimes in Rogatica municipality.

24 December 2013

Two Srebrenica Crimes Suspects Arrested

The State Investigation and Protection Agency arrests two people in the Doboj and Bijeljina areas. The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina suspects them of having participated in crimes in Srebrenica municipality in 1992.

12 November 2013

Still No Indictment Against Handanovic

The Bosnian State Prosecution has denied that a new indictment against Rasema Handanovic has been filed.
28 October 2013

Documentation from Mostar Prison Confiscated

Members of the Federal Police Administration confiscate documentation related to the flight of Dominik Ilijasevic, known as Como, from the Penal and Correctional Facility in Mostar. Ilijasevic was sentenced to 15 years in prison for war crimes.