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People: Golubovic Blagoje
25 May 2009

Golubovic: Four Men in Podkolun

A Prosecution witness cannot confirm who killed her two neighbours in Podkolun in late May 1992. 
19 May 2009

Golubovic: News from Podkolun

Two Prosecution witnesses say they learned that Blagoje Golubovic participated in the murder of their parents. 
5 May 2009

Golubovic: Information About Murders

A Prosecution witness says that armed men killed her father-in-law and his sister in Podkolun village in May 1992.
17 March 2009

Golubovic Pleads Not Guilty

Appearing before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina the indictee, who is charged with participating in the murder of two civilians in Podkolun village in Foca Municipality, pleads not guilty.
26 January 2009

Golubovic to Remain in Custody

Following his extradition to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Blahoje Golubovic was ordered into custody for one month because of the nature of the charges against him, involving crimes committed in the village of Podkolun, and because of fears that he might attempt to escape.
11 January 2008

Vukovic Brothers: Indictees Testify

The Vukovic brothers, who are charged with war crimes, deny the allegations made by the Prosecution of BiH.