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11 March 2013

Bosnian Convicted of Torturing Prisoners of War

A former prison guard was sentenced to a year and a half in prison for war crimes against Yugoslav Army detainees in the Bosnian city of Tuzla in 1992.

22 June 2012

Local Justice - Sarajevo: Trivunovic acquitted

The Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina acquitted Ranko Trivunovic of charges for the crime against prisoners of war in the municipality of Glamoc.
8 February 2012

Local Justice - Milanovic: Defendant fails to show up

The retrial of Mladen Milanovic for crimes in the territory of Sarajevo was postponed before the Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina for an undisclosed time since the defendant failed to appear in the courtroom.
23 February 2007

Court of BiH criticised for poor public relations

The transparency of the State Court is increasingly being called into question by the Bosnian media and public as well as international analysts.
12 September 2006

Ljubinac: Witness pleads for answers

Svjedok Tužilaštva BiH zamoliooptuženog da mu otkrije gdje je ubijen i zakopan njegov brat.
31 August 2006

Jankovic hearing closed to public

The indictee was removed from the courtroom and the trial closed to the public at the request of the prosecution.
14 June 2006

Samardzic: Prosecution launches appeal

The first instance judgement that sentenced Nedjo Samardzic to 12 years' imprisonment - and rejected many counts of the indictment - is criticised by the prosecution
21 April 2006

Witness faints in court

Prosecution releases witness after health drama at Samardzija trial .
16 March 2006

Samardzija: Prosecution witnesses prove unreliable

Four separate prosecution witnesses in the trial of Marko Samardzija have been unable to match their testimonies with statements given before their arrival in court.