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2 September 2011

Warrant issued over Velibor Bogdanovic

Based on a request from the State Court, an international warrant is issued for Velibor Bogdanovic who is sentenced in absentia to six years in prison for crimes against civilians in Mostar 1993.
13 May 2011

Bosnia State Prosecutor ‘Slowing’ Work on War Crimes

Critics charge State Prosecutor’s office with keeping hold of low-ranking cases that should go to lower courts - slowing the work of resolving Bosnia’s top war crimes by 2015 deadline.
10 May 2011

Bogdanovic: Giving an Alibi

At the trial for war crimes committed in Mostar, a Defence witness offers an alibi for indictee Velibor Bogdanovic, saying that he was not present at the crime scene in May 1993.