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People: Cvoro Slavica
25 February 2011

Tripkovic: Communication Difficulties

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has ordered an examination of Novica Tripkovic, former member of the Republika Srpska Army, VRS, to determine whether he is “fit to stand trial”.

19 May 2010

Custody of Peric and Lalovic Requested

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina has filed a custody order motion against Milan Peric and Slavko Lalovic, who are suspected of crimes committed in Kalinovik, while the Defence has objected to the motion, arguing that there are no grounds for suspicion that they participated in the crimes.
14 April 2008

Pekez et al: Wheel-teeth

The Trial Chamber will announce the verdict on April 22 as the Prosecution and Defence present their closing arguments.
25 February 2008

Pekez et al: Prosecutors Complete Evidence Presentation

The State Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina has completed presenting its evidence against three indictees charged with the shooting of 23 civilians in Jajce municipality.