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People: Burzic Dalida
21 May 2015

Bosnia to Miss War Crimes Investigations Deadline

The Bosnian prosecution admitted that the most complex cases will not be solved by the end of this year – the deadline set by the state-level war crimes strategy.
22 January 2015

Dalida Burzic: Deputy PM Murder Case Reopened

The newly-appointed Sarajevo Canton chief prosecutor said she has reopened an investigation into the murder of Hakija Turajlic, wartime Deputy Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
12 December 2013

War Criminals become Citizens without Previous Convictions

Although they were sentenced for the  gravest of crimes, including war crimes, the law allows convicts to become citizens with no previous convictions after they have served their imprisonment sentences.

14 November 2013

Dead Witnesses Pose Dilemma for Bosnian Trials

As more and more witnesses to the 1992-war war pass away, questions about the value of their testimony in war crimes trials are becoming more pressing.
19 December 2012

Local Justice - Sarajevo: Ceco Sentenced to Two Years

The Sarajevo Cantonal Court sentences Ibrahim Ceco to two years’ imprisonment for crimes against the Serb civilian population in the Dobrinja neighbourhood of Sarajevo.
22 August 2012

Local Justice – Ceco: Trial Postponed

The trial of Ibrahim Ceco, who is charged with crimes in Dobrinja, Sarajevo in 1992, has been postponed, because the indictee finds it hard to attend trial on the religious holiday of Eid.
12 July 2012

Local Justice - Boljak: Three Years in Prison

The Cantonal Court in Sarajevo sentences Ranko Boljak to three years in prison for crimes in the Ilidza and Semizovac areas in 1992 and 1993.
22 May 2012

Local Justice – Boljak: Absence of Defence Attorney

The trial of Ranko Boljak, who is charged with crimes in the Sarajevo area, has been postponed as his Defence attorney failed to appear.