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People: Begovic Dzemila
9 November 2007

Palija: Nice and Handsome Guy

Defence witnesses have claimed that Jadranko Palija did not take part in crimes committed in Sanski Most.
14 March 2007

Date Set for Palija Trial

The Court of BiH has announced the beginning of another trial before the War Crimes Chamber.
15 September 2006

Glavas: Prosecution asks for longer period of detention

The prosecution has asked that Kotor Varos suspect be kept in custody until the investigation against him is complete.
24 May 2006

Witness: “I remember you well, Kajtez Danilusko”

A prosecution witness in the case against Nikola Kovacevic, formerly known as Danilusko Kajtez, recognised the accused as one of the soldiers who beat former camp inmates.
10 May 2006

Inmates describe Sanski Most brutality

Prosecution witnesses in the trial of former Bosnian Serb soldier Nikola Kovacevic speak of mistreatment, torture and murders of civilian detainees in Sanski Most municipality.
27 April 2006

The day that changed the lives of Sanski Most citizens

Prosecution witnesses say Kovacevic beat them in the Betonirka detention camp.
16 March 2006

Kovacevic trial to start in april

The first case to be handled by a domestic court dealing with war crimes committed in the Sanski Most area will commence next month.