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People: Begovic Dzemila
3 November 2011

Dronjak: Presentation of Material Evidence

At the trial for crimes in Drvar, the State Prosecution presents material evidence, referring, among other things, to the murders in Kamenica, which are charged upon indictee Ratko Dronjak..

25 August 2011

Dronjak: Murder of Only Son

Testifying at the trial for crimes in Drvar, a State Prosecution says that he is angry at indictee Ratko Dronjak, because he “personally” killed his only son.
15 July 2011

Dronjak: Trial Plan Presented

During a status conference held as part of the trial of Ratko Dronjak, who is charged with crimes in Drvar, the State Prosecution says that the presentation of evidence should be completed in October this year.

13 April 2011

Adamovic and Lukic: Indictee Had No 'Concrete Tasks'

A court expert in military issues testifies at the trial for crimes committed in Kljuc and says that indictee Bosko Lukic, as Commander of the Municipal Headquarters of the Territorial Defence in Kljuc, did not have any concrete tasks.

26 January 2011

Vinko Kondic Still Unable to Follow Trial

At a status conference held in the case against Vinko Kondic, the Defence of the indictee says that, despite regular medical therapy, he is still incapable of following the trial.

1 November 2010

Kondic: Permanently Dependent on Outside Assistance

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina has refused to accept the findings of a team of experts who say that Vinko Kondic is not capable of following his trial, and called on the Court to allow another assessment of the indictee's mental and physical capacity.
1 October 2010

Kondic: Unable to Follow Trial

Court expert Enra Suljic, a neurologist, presents her findings and opinion before the Trial Chamber and says that indictee Vinko Kondic will no longer be able to attend his trial due to problems with memory and reasoning and a poor state of health.

2 September 2010

Dronjak and Rodic: Complex and Stressful Trial

The trial of Ratko Dronjak and Draga Rodic for crimes committed in detention centers in Drvar began with the reading of the indictment and the presentation of introductory arguments by the State Prosecution and Defence teams.

10 June 2010

Kondic et al: Hundreds of Pages of Prosecution Evidence

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina continues presenting material evidence at the trial of Vinko Kondic, Bosko Lukic and Marko Adamovic, who are charged with crimes committed in Kljuc.
25 May 2010

Kondic et al: Municipal Institutions' Hypocrisy

Indictee Vinko Kondic fails to appear in court again, but the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina continues presenting material evidence at the trial of crimes committed in Kljuc.
16 April 2010

Dronjak and Rodic: Prosecution Supporter

The State Prosecution asks the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina to order a three-month extension of the custody of Ratko Dronjak and Dragan Rodic, suspected of crimes committed in the Drvar area, while the Defence objects to this proposal.
8 March 2010

Kondic et al: Uninformed Policeman

A former policeman from Kljuc says Vinko Kondic was his superior, adding that police officers arrested Bosniaks from the area in 1992, but he did not know why.
16 June 2009

Kondic et al.: Last Traces in the Woods

Two Prosecution witnesses claim to have seen "Commander Marko Adamovic" when the army took away their brothers, whom they never saw again. 
13 March 2008

Warrant for Ivan Hrkac

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina will issue a warrant for Ivan Hrkac.
27 November 2007

Palija: Indictment Revised

A day before the presentation of closing arguments, the Prosecution has revised part of the indictment against Jadranko Palija.