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People: Basic Muhidin
29 March 2012

Basic and Sijak: Privileged Prisoner

Testifying at the trial for Vares crimes, a State Prosecution witness says that a policeman, who was detained in the “Autotrans” and “Sumarstvo” building, was visited by his sister several times.
20 March 2012

Basic and Sijak: Strange Cry

At the trial for crimes in Vares, a witness of the Prosecution said that on the day when protected witness A was raped, he met the second indictee in Vares.
9 December 2011

Basic and Sijak: Prohibiting Measures Requested

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina requests the State Court to order prohibiting measures against Muhidin Basic and Mirsad Sijak, who are charged with crimes against civilians in the Vares area in 1994, while the Defence objects to the request.
2 December 2011

Indictment for Muhidin Basic and Mirsad Siljak

The Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina has raised an indictment against Muhidin Basic and Mirsad Siljak, for war crimes in the area of Vares.