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People: Barukcic Martin
23 June 2015

State Court Requests Shortened List of Witnesses for Barukcic Defense

The Bosnian state court has asked the defense of Martin Barukcic to reduce a list of 100 witnesses it proposed for examination at a status conference.

2 June 2015

Brnjic Testifies In Own Defense, Was in Germany During Alleged Crimes

Testifying in his own defense, Marijan Brnjic said he left Odzak in May 1992 and went to Germany.

12 May 2015

Defense Witnesses Say Brnjic Was in Germany During Alleged Crimes

Witness Ivo Brnjic claimed that his brother, Marijan Brnjic, was in Germany during the period covered in the indictment charging him with rape in Odzak.

7 April 2015

Marijan Brnjic’s Wife Provides Alibi in Odzak Rape Case

The wife of Marijan Brnjic said her husband wasn’t in the country when his alleged crimes took place. She said he was in Germany in May 1992 and only returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina twice during the war.

24 March 2015

Material Evidence Presented at Trial of Four Former Croatian Defence Council Soldiers

The Bosnian state prosecution presented material evidence, including lists of military conscripts, at a trial for war crimes committed in Odzak allegedly committed by four former members of the Croatian Defence Council.

10 March 2015

Witness Describes Rape by Croatian Defence Council Forces in Odzak

Testifying against former Croat fighters accused of rape and sexual abuse, state prosecution witness Suzana Jesic said she was raped by former Croatian Defence Council soldier Mato Brnjic in July 1992. She was fourteen at the time.

24 February 2015

Witness Describes Rape and Abuse by Croatian Defence Council Members

State prosecution witness Smilja Ninkovic said that victim Ljubica Lesic told her that she had been raped by members of the Croatian Defence Council in 1992.
10 February 2015

Witness Names Mother’s Alleged Rapists in Odzak Trial

Members of the Croatian Defence Council are on trial for the rape of Bosnian Serb women during the Bosnian war.

13 January 2015

Rifle Pointed at Child's Nape

As the trial for crimes in Odzak continues, a State Prosecution witness says that she recognised indictees Brnjic, Barukcic and the Glavas brothers as those who separated her from her son in May 1992.

2 December 2014

Rapes in Odzak

As the trial for crimes in Odzak continues, a late witness’ statement is read. In that statement the witness said that Martin Barukcic and Marijan Brnjic raped her in June 1992.

18 November 2014

Public Excluded from Testimony about Concrete Actions

Joka Goranovic testifies at the trial for crimes committed in Odzak, but the public has been excluded from the parts referring to concrete actions described in the indictment for the sake of protecting the personal and intimate lives of the indictees.
11 November 2014

Bosnian Court Protects War Crime Defendants “Intimate Life”

At the trial for crimes in Odzak, a Bosnian prosecution witness recognized in the courtroom the defendants as persons she saw in June 1992 in Novi Grad near Odzak.
28 October 2014

Entire Trial for Odzak Crimes Closed to Public

As decided by the Trial Chamber, the trial of four indictees, who are charged with multiple rape in Odzak during the war, will be closed to public the whole time.
21 October 2014

Trial for Multiple Rape in Odzak Begins

The trial of four former members of the Croatian Defence Council, HVO, who are charged with crimes in Odzak in 1992, begins with reading of the indictment and presenting of introductory statements by the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH, and Defence.

25 September 2014

Trial for Odzak Crimes Begins October 7

The trial of four former members of the Croatian Defence Council, HVO, who are charged with crimes in Odzak in 1992, is due to begin with the presentation of introductory statements and reading of the indictment on October 7.