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People: Barbaric Dragan
29 November 2013

Material Evidence Instead of Testimony

At the trial for crimes against Serb civilians in Kladanj the Defence of the indictees presents material evidence instead of the examination of a State Prosecution witness.

22 October 2010

Radic et al: New Defence Attorney for First Indictee

The Appellate Chamber of the State Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has released attorney Dragan Barbaric from his duties. Ragib Hodzic from Zenica will now serve as indictee Marko Radic’s attorney.
28 September 2010

Radic et al: Sudden Replacement of Defence Attorney

The retrial for crimes committed against detainees in Vojno, near Mostar, has been postponed due to the replacement of the Defence attorney for indictee Marko Radic, who revoked the power of attorney for Dragan Barbaric.

16 September 2010

Radic et al: Large Number of Protected Witnesses

At the appeals trial of four indictees accused of crimes committed in the Mostar municipality, the Defence complained about the large number of protected prosecution witnesses.
16 March 2010

Radic et al: Increased Sentences or Retrial

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina calls for an increase in the sentences handed down to the three indictees convicted of crimes committed in Vojno, near Mostar, while the Defence calls for the first instance verdict to be overturned and a retrial to be conducted.
23 April 2008

Ex-officio Lawyers Face Battle Over Fees

Ex-officio lawyers representing war-crime indictees complain of unequal treatment in court, and of problems in getting paid for their work.
6 September 2007

Radic et al: Days of Horror in Vojno

Prosecution witness recalls an attempted rape that she suffered while detained in Vojno detention camp.
26 June 2007

Radic et al: Trial Closed to Public Again

The cross-examination of a protected witness continues behind closed doors