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People: Banovic Mijo
11 February 2015

Longer Sentences for Dretelj Crimes

The Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has increased prison sentences for Mijo Banovic and Gojko Granic, both convicted of crimes committed against civilians during the Bosnian war.

8 January 2015

Longer Sentence against Banovic and Granic Requested

In its appeal against a verdict pronounced by the Mostar Cantonal Court the Federal Prosecution requests the Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, FBiH, pronounces longer sentences against Mijo Banovic and Gojko Granic for crimes against civilians in Dretelj, while the Defence requests the acquittal of the two indictees or a retrial.
12 November 2013

Banovic and Granic Convicted of Dretelj Crimes

The Cantonal court in Mostar has convicted two former Bosnian Croat fighters, Mijo Banovic and Gojko Granic, of committing war crimes at the Dretelj detention camp in 1993.
7 November 2013

Verdict against Banovic and Granic on November 12

Testifying in their defence before the Cantonal Court in Mostar, indictees Mijo Banovic and Gojko Granic say that they almost never visited the Dretelj detention camp.

11 October 2013

Beaten While Having Lunch

As the trial of Mijo Banovic and Gojko Granic, who are charged with crimes in Dretelj detention camp, Capljina municipality, in 1993, continues, Prosecution witnesses describe how indictee Banovic mistreated them physically. 

9 October 2013

Torture During Shifts in Dretelj

Testifying for the Mostar Prosecution at the trial for crimes in Dretelj, Capljina municipality, a witness says that detainees had to lie on a concrete floor and that “Goja’s soldiers then kicked them while wearing boots.”

16 April 2013

Indictment for Dretelj Crimes Confirmed

The Cantonal Court in Mostar confirms an indictment against Mijo Banovic, Ado Alagic and Gojko Granic, charging them with crimes in Dretelj in 1993.