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People: Bajic Predrag
1 July 2015

Verdict in Milan Lukic Trial Scheduled for Next Week

The cantonal court of Bihac has scheduled its verdict in the Milan Lukic trial for July 6.
7 April 2015

Witnesses Describe Lukic’s Involvement in Civilian Abuse in Kljuc

A witness testifying for the cantonal prosecution of Bihac said Milan Lukic beat him and abducted his uncle from his home in Kljuc in the summer of 1992.
9 July 2014

Bosnia Jails Serb Soldier for Women’s Brutal Murders

Former Bosnian Serb fighter Mladenko Vrtunic was sentenced to ten years in prison for abusing a man and brutally murdering his wife and mother-in-law in Kljuc in 1992.
8 July 2014

Convict Bajic Defends “an Innocent Man”

As the trial of Mladenko Vrtunic continues before the Cantonal Court in Bihac, Defence witness Predrag Bajic says that the indictee was not with him when two women were killed. 

1 July 2014

Vrtunic Did not Cause Problems

As the trial of Mladenko Vrtunic continues before the Cantonal Court in Bihac, Defence witness Milutin Babic says that the indictee is “an innocent man held in prison”.
3 June 2014

Vrtunic Begins Presenting Defence on June 12

As decided at a status conference held before the Cantonal Court in Bihac, the first Defence witness of Mladenko Vrtunic, who is charged with crimes in the Kljuc area, is due to testify on June 12.
22 May 2014

Bajic’s and Babic’s Admission of Guilt Accepted

The Bihac Cantonal Court accepts guilt admission agreements reached with Predrag Bajic and Sinisa Babic and sentences them to a total of 20 years in prison for war crimes in Kljuc.

13 May 2014

Bajic and Babic Admit Guilt for Crimes in Kljuc

Predrag Bajic and Sinisa Babic reach an agreement with the Cantonal Prosecution in Bihac, admitting guilt for crimes committed in Kljuc.
22 April 2014

Slobodan Dragic Admits Guilt

Slobodan Dragic, who is charged with crimes in Kljuc, reaches a guilt admission agreement, so the Trial Chamber of the Cantonal Court in Bihac separates his case from the case against the four other indictees.

25 March 2014

Witnesses Recall Mother and Daughter’s Brutal Murders

At the trial of five former Bosnian Serb troops for wartime killings and rapes near Kljuc, witnesses testified that two women were viciously murdered in their village home.
18 March 2014

Family Recalls Bosnian Serb Assault in Kljuc Village

A mother and son testified how Bosnian Serb fighters burst into their house near Kljuc in 1992, opened fire and abducted one of their relatives, who was later found dead.
11 March 2014

Bloody Home Invasion

Testifying for the Cantonal Prosecution in Bihac, witness Ale Strkunic says that indictees Mladenko Vrtunic and Predrag Bajic, as well as Zeljko Budimir, entered his house in the Kljuc area, killed his wife and mother-in-law and physically abused him on November 21, 1992.

4 March 2014

Bosniak Witness ‘Watched Serb Soldiers Murder Neighbour’

A prosecution witness told the trial of five Bosnian Serbs for wartime killings near the north-western town of Kljuc that he saw three of the defendants shoot dead his village neighbour.
25 February 2014

Grandfather’s Recollections about Mistreatment by Neighbours

Testifying for the Cantonal Prosecution in Bihac, a witness says that his grandfather told him that his neighbours mistreated him in a village in the Kljuc area.

4 February 2014

Scream, Sobbing, Dead Body

As the trial for crimes in Kljuc continues, Bihac Cantonal Prosecution witnesses say what happened during the night Ibrahim Kumalic and Ibrahim Draganovic were killed.