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People: Andrun Nikola
14 December 2006

Andrun sentenced to 13 years

The Bosnian court has ruled that Nikola Andrun, the former deputy warden of the Gabela detention camp, be jailed for 13 years for crimes against civilians.
13 December 2006

Andrun verdict to be announced on December 14

The prosecution and defence have given their closing arguments in the final phase of trial of Gabela camp accused.
6 December 2006

Andrun verdict expected on December 14

Both sides will make their closing arguments in the trial of Nikola Andrun next week.
15 November 2006

Andrun "did not abuse" camp inmates

Defence witnesses deny that conditions at the Gabela detention camp were poor – or that the indictee abused its inmates.
14 November 2006

Andrun witnesses describe Gabela

Former members of HVO, who have appeared as defence witnesses, described Gabela as a civilian camp where inmates had plenty of food and were free on the weekends.
7 November 2006

Defence witness backs Andrun claim

A document presented in the courtroom and the testimony of one witness appears to confirm that Nikola Andrun was deputy warden of Gabela detention camp in Capljina.
6 November 2006

Andrun: Witnesses deny deputy warden claim

Indictee was only a guard at the Gabela detention camp, defence witnesses tell the court.
30 October 2006

Andrun: Witness claim indictee was only a soldier

Three defence witnesses spoke of their experience in Gabela detention camp and stated that they are not aware that the indictee was anything more than a simple soldier.
11 October 2006

Andrun witness confusion

Former camp inmate gives contradictory evidence.
11 October 2006

Andrun: Witness speaks of abuse

The court has heard of the physical, psychological and sexual abuse one man survived in Gabela detention camp.
10 October 2006

Andrun: Witness speaks of Dizdar disappearance

Witness Hasan Tucakovic was present when Himzija Dizdar was taken from the storage shed in Gabela detainment camp - but cannot confirm that the indictee took him.
26 September 2006

Andrun: Detainee begged for death

One former Gabela camp detainee has told the court that that he was once beaten so badly that he begged indictee Nikola Andrun to kill him.
23 September 2006

Nedjo Samardzic to appear before judges again

Appeals filed by both sides to the verdict to Nedjo Samardzic will be considered next week. Nikola Kovacevic and Marko Samardzija will testify to their defence.
5 September 2006

Andrun trial faces witness problems

The prosecution has asked the court to react to their claims that Nikola Andrun's defence team is interfering with witnesses.