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Documentary “How to Prove Genocide” Screened for Students

Tuesday, 08.12.2015 @ 12:53

“How to Prove Genocide,” a documentary produced by the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was screened for Faculty of Law students at the University of Sarajevo on Monday.

Positive Reactions to “Silent Scream” in Trebinje

Tuesday, 16.12.2014 (19:00-21:00)
Participants in a discussion that followed the screening of the “Silent Scream” film produced by the Balkans Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN, of BiH in Trebinje conclude that people should speak about crimes, so the truth can be reached and perpetrators processed.

BIRN’s Film Shown in Zenica

Friday, 28.11.2014 (10:05-13:00)

A documentary “The Silent Scream” produced by the Balkans Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN of BiH, about the victims of sexual abuse during the past war was screened in Zenica on November 28.

“Silent Scream” Shown in Banja Luka

Monday, 24.11.2014 (11:00-13:25)
The Balkans Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN of BiH, screened in Banja Luka its documentary about the victims of sexual abuse from the past war.

BIRN Documentary 'Silent Scream' Shown in Sarajevo

Wednesday, 19.11.2014 (19:00-20:40)
The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network’s new documentary about victims of sexual violence had its premiere in the Bosnian capital on Wednesday and provoked a vigorous discussion.

BIRN Missing Persons Documentary Debated in Sarajevo

Tuesday, 16.09.2014 (12:00-14:05)
Bosnian society isn’t paying enough attention to the issue of the 8,000 people still missing since the 1990s war, a debate after the screening of the BIRN documentary film was told.

BIRN BiH at First WARM Festival

Monday, 30.06.2014 (16:10-17:20)
The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network from Bosnia and Herzegovina took part in the first international WARM conference, and discussed how media report on war and crimes.

Ensuring Justice for Sexual Violence Victims

Tuesday, 10.06.2014 (11:30-13:00)

Representatives of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina spoke at the Global Summit to end sexual violence in conflict in London about the status of rape victims and challenges to objective reporting about sexual violence.

Confessions of Wartime Sexual Violence Victims

Thursday, 12.06.2014 (12:10-16:33)

At the Global summit in London, the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina presented excerpts from its upcoming movie about sexually abused men and women during the Bosnian conflict.

BIRN Launches Memorials Investigation in Sarajevo

Thursday, 27.06.2013 (11:10-12:03)
Hundreds of new monuments and statues have been installed across the Balkans after the 1990s wars, but many have reinforced ethnic divisions, a debate in the Bosnian capital heard.

Media on Mladic: Parallel Universes

Balkan Investigating Reporting Network (BIRN) has presented on Tuesday its publication "Spotlight on Mladic: Villian or Celebrity?", which analyses how the media in the region reported on the arrest and trial of Ratko Mladic, the former Bosnian Serb army commander.

Dialogue between Civil Society and Justice Sector

A public discussion on “structured dialogue between civil society organizations and justice sector institutions” was organized as part of USAID’s “Justice Sector Development Project II”, JSDP.

Progress in War Crimes Processing

The representatives of authorities and prosecutions, as well as victims, regard that certain progress has been made in processing of war crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but victims, who testify at those trials, still do not receive adequate support.

Support to War Crimes Trials

On September 16 this year a regional conference on war crimes trials was held in Belgrade with the aim of calling on the governments in the region and general public to provide support to war crimes trials as the key instrument in coming to terms with the past.

Importance of War-Crimes Trials in the Region

BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina will co-organize a round table on war-crimes trials held before courts in countries in this region to be held in Belgrade on September 16, 2011.