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1 September 2016 Interview

Investigative Journalism Can Change Lives, Editors Say

Investigative journalism can bring about change and improve people’s lives, said Marty Kaiser and Blake Morrison, two senior editors who lectured at this year’s BIRN Summer School in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
30 August 2016 Interview

Bosnian Constitutional Court ‘Under Pressure’ from Serb Referendum

A Bosnian Serb referendum challenging the authority of the country’s Constitutional Court represents “direct political pressure” aimed at undermining the state-level institution, its president told BIRN.
24 August 2016 Analysis

Bosnian War Crimes Suspects Shun Plea Bargains

Fewer than 30 plea bargains have been made in war crimes cases, even though prosecutors say they often yield information about mass graves or about other perpetrators of atrocities.

25 July 2016 Analysis

Bosnia’s Diaspora: Untapped Resource for State-Building

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s 1.5-million-strong diaspora is increasingly sending less money back home, but this underused resource could provide the country with expertise as well as investment to boost economic development.
18 July 2016 Analysis

Recruiters Prey on Bosnia’s Forgotten Youth

With no systems in place to shield the young from Islamist radicalization, it is up to parents and NGOs to win them back.
6 June 2016 Analysis

Arabs Marry Bosnian Women to Establish Parallel Families

After an influx of tourists and investors from Gulf countries in recent years, Bosnia faces new occurrence - Arab men marrying local women as second or third wives, who remain in the country waiting for their husbands' occasional visits.

1 June 2016 Analysis

Bosnia’s Elites Get the Cars They Desire

Officials in Bosnia have found a neat way to get round public procurement laws and get the exact official limos they want.
13 May 2016 Feature

Wealthy Arabs Buy Slice of ‘Heaven’ in Bosnia

Bosnia is becoming an attractive destination for Arab and Gulf state visitors, many of whom are buying real estate – but while some welcome the influx, not everyone is delighted.
29 April 2016 Analysis

Victims of Dobrovoljacka Attack Frustrated by Silence

Almost a quarter-century on from the attack on the JNA convoy in Sarajevo, relatives of those killed in it feel bitter that so little has been done to determine responsibility.
27 April 2016 Analysis

‘Genocide Denial’ Row to Dominate Srebrenica Election

The issue of whether or not the Srebrenica massacres constituted genocide is set to dominate the upcoming mayoral vote in the area after Serb parties put forward a joint candidate who has rejected the term.

8 April 2016 Feature

Sarajevo Teachers Recall Schooldays Under Siege

Tens of thousands of children went to school in improvised classrooms during the siege of Sarajevo that started 24 years ago this week, with pupils and teachers often risking their lives for education.
4 April 2016 Feature

Bosnia Seeks to Try Croat Major-General

The Bosnian state court wants to try former Croatian Defence Council major-general Zlatan ‘Mijo’ Jelic for wartime crimes against civilian prisoners who were forced to work on the front-line in Mostar.
29 March 2016 Analysis

Was the Karadzic Verdict a Just Reckoning?

Balkans expert Eric Gordy examines questions raised by the Radovan Karadzic verdict, asking why he was convicted of responsibility for genocide in 1995, but acquitted of the same crime in 1992.
23 March 2016 Analysis

Karadzic Trial: Competing Versions of the Truth

During Radovan Karadzic’s marathon trial, the prosecution brought witnesses to prove he was guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity, while testimony from the defence disputed the crimes or tried to show he wasn’t responsible.

23 March 2016 Interview

Radovan Karadzic: ‘I Expect to be Acquitted’

In a defiant interview before his trial verdict, wartime Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic insists that ‘no reasonable court’ would convict him of genocide and war crimes, despite the evidence against him.