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Judicial Institutions Accept HJPC’s Guidelines

Representatives of the Sarajevo Cantonal Prosecution and Eastern Sarajevo District Prosecution say that these institutions accept the latest instructions on publishing information about war-crime trials.

Banja Luka Prosecution Accepts Guidelines

Journalists from Banja Luka are generally satisfied with the way they obtain information from judicial institutions in that town - it was said at an educational workshop organized by the Balkans Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN of BiH.

Co-operation between Media and Institutions Improved

Journalists from Brcko District say that they receive more pieces of information from judicial institutions than before, but they call on the courts to be even more transparent.

Accept and Respect the Guidelines

The Guidelines for publishing prosecutorial and court decisions on Internet pages should be accepted and respected by all representatives of judicial bodies, because they represent a balance between the right to privacy and the right to access information, participants in a meeting held in Travnik conclude.


New Guidelines for Better Co-operation

A unified practice of giving information related to war crime trials will improve the cooperation between journalists and representatives of judicial institutions, participants at a meeting held in Zenica conclude.


BIRN Missing Persons Documentary Premieres in Sarajevo

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network’s new documentary, ‘Missing You…’, looks at the arduous and traumatic experience of searching for loved ones who have disappeared.

BIRN BiH Attends Conference on Rights of Women, Victims of Sexual Violence

Selma Ucanbarlic, journalist with the Balkans Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN, from Sarajevo, participated at a conference on BiH’s obligations towards women, who survived war rape, sexual abuse and other types of torture, held in Sarajevo on June 12.

BIRN BiH Puts Focus on Sexual Violence in War

The Balkans Investigative Reporting Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina, BIRN BiH, launches its three-year strategy aimed at raising awareness about the difficulties victims of wartime rape face, and encouraging them to speak up.


AIS to Focus on Traumatised Victims

In the year ahead the Association of Court Reporters, AIS, will organise five workshops for journalists in local communities throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina with the aim of ensuring more objective and professional reporting on judiciary – this was concluded at an annual AIS conference.


Non-selective Anonymisation Tarnishes Bosnian Court

The practice of non-selective anonymisation of war crime verdicts and other major criminal offences led to a justified reaction from the public and damaged the reputation of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was said at a roundtable discussion in Sarajevo.


Insufficient Cooperation between Courts and the Media

Journalists, who follow trials before courts in Brcko District, say that access to information from courts is difficult for them, so they cannot always make reports in a timely manner.


Plans for Ending Anti-Censorship Campaign

The Association of Court Reporters, AIS, holds a meeting at which participants discuss results of workshops attended by representatives of judicial institutions and the media in Doboj and Trebinje and agree on presenting the results of the campaign - “Stop Censoring War Crimes”.


“Deepen” Collaboration between Prosecutions and Media

The collaboration between the media and the District Prosecution in Doboj should be “deepened” by hiring a spokesperson to work with that institution, so citizens can obtain information on time.


Unnecessary Anonymisation of Court Documents

Representatives of judicial institutions and media from Trebinje consider that the anonymisation of court documents is unnecessary, because trials are public and there is no need to protect identity of perpetrators in case they have already been identified.


Campaign against Censoring of War Crimes

The Association of Court Reporters, AIS, will organize a campaign titled “Stop Censoring War Crimes” with the aim of stopping the anonymyzation of court documents and restricting access to audio and video recordings from trials held before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.