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New Edition of "In Pursuit of Justice" Launched

An amended edition of the handbook written by BIRN Justice Report journalists is now available.

The second edition of the "In Pursuit of Justice" handbook will be launched on October 31 in Sarajevo

The handbook, written by BIRN journalists, is intended for all those who wish to learn about the work of the Court of BiH, the State prosecution and the War Crimes Chamber. It also provides an overview of the key laws applied in processing war crime indictees, as well as information about the work of other institutions involved in transitional justice and the process of facing the past in BiH.

In addition, the handbook provides basic information on Justice Report - the news agency of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network - which specialises in reporting on the War Crimes Chamber of the Court of BiH and all other aspects of the transitional justice process in BiH and the region.

Since Justice Report was established in April 2006, it has recorded nearly 1,000 courtroom stories on war crime processing. Day by day, there has been an increasing number of people who have had the trust in the information we provide and who have supported our efforts. They include local and international media, non-governmental organizations, foreign governments, as well as BiH citizens residing in the country and abroad.

Our reports have been successful at an international level. Some of the achievements include nominations for prestigious awards and quoting of our texts or our journalists' statements in media all over the world, from Japan to the USA.

The fact that our stories reach the people who survived the war and witnessed its horror is of the utmost importance to Justice Report. Witnesses who want to tell their stories contact us. By reading our stories, they learn about other people who survived similar horrors and they establish mutual contacts. They all seek justice. Justice Report makes every effort to provide them with as much useful information as possible, and to recover their faith in the judiciary and justice.

Knowing that those who possess correct and timely information have the power, we continue with our work wishing to give that power of information to as many BiH citizens as possible.

The handbook will be available in the English and Bosnian languages at our web page.

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