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BIRN BiH at First WARM Festival

Monday, 30.06.2014 (16:10-17:20)
The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network from Bosnia and Herzegovina took part in the first international WARM conference, and discussed how media report on war and crimes.
Deputy Editor of BIRN BiH Denis Dzidic took part in the session about the work of nongovernmental organizations and media with youth in post-conflict societies and their influence on reconciliation.

Dzidic said that objective and professional reporting from war crime trials allows young people more reliable information about crimes, which fights prejudice.

“The basic goal of crimes is individualization of guilt. If we have professional and objective reports, there will be less talk of guilt of peoples and groups, and more talk of individual responsibility. Along with that, the focus on individual stories of victims, develops empathy of people”, said Dzidic.

The WARM festival in Sarajevo lasts from June 30 to July 3 and gathers journalists who reported from conflict areas, artists, researchers and historians.

The festival is being organized by the WARM foundation and will include a conference, film projections, book readings and photo exhibitions.
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