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Courts: Cantonal Court in Novi Travnik

23 December 2013

Croatia to Decide about Ilijasevic Soon

The County Court in Zadar is due to render a decision concerning the execution of imprisonment sentence against fugitive Dominik Ilijasevic, known as Como, in mid-January 2014.

6 December 2013

Verdict against Stipe Kristo confirmed

The Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina confirms a verdict, under which Stipe Kristo was sentenced to two years for having committed war crimes in Gornji Vakuf.

9 October 2013

Request for Court Order Execution Filed

The Kiseljak Municipal Court has drafted the request for acknowledgement and execution of court order for convict Dominik Ilijasevic called Como, who fled to Croatia, whose citizenship he has, in late September.
7 October 2013

Execution of Verdict against Como Not Yet Requested

The agreement on execution of court verdicts between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia has still not been applied in the case of fugitive Dominik Ilijasevic, known as Como, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison for war crimes and murder.

23 May 2013

Foster Co-operation for Faster Processing of War Crimes

The OSCE Mission organised a meeting between representatives of civil societies and associations of war crimes victims and representatives of judicial authorities of the Central Bosnia and Zenica-Doboj Canton in Vitez with the aim of faster and more efficient processing of war-crimes cases.

7 March 2013

Defence Calls for Shorter Sentence

The Defence of Stipe Kristo calls on the Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to reduce the sentence against the indictee for crimes in Gornji Vakuf, while the Prosecution objects to the proposal, saying that the sentence is adequate bearing in mind the committed crime.

7 February 2013

Local Justice – Travnik: Humanization of Witnesses’ Position

A memorandum of understanding has been signed with the aim of establishing a section for support to witnesses with the Cantonal Court and Prosecution in Travnik.
21 September 2012

Local Justice - Zenica: Camp Prisoner Reimbursed

The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has paid reimbursement to non-material damages inflicted upon Samir Pojskic from Zenica for days spent in the camp ran by the Croatian Defence Council at Kaonik.
21 July 2009

Exhumation at Koricanske Stijene Begins

Following the discovery of a mass grave at Koricanske stjene, the exhumation of the remains of killed civilians has begun, following a warrant issued by the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  
14 September 2007

Lucic: Verdict Due on 18 September

Kreso Lucic's Defence argues that the Prosecution has not presented enough evidence and has asked that the defendant be released.