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Courts: Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina

30 August 2016

Eight Bosnian Serb Soldiers Cleared of Rogatica Crimes

Eight former Bosnian Serb Army troops were acquitted of crimes against humanity including expulsions and murders in the Rogatica area in September 1992.
25 August 2016

Ex-Detainees Recall Harsh Conditions at Ljubuski Prison

Former prisoners testified about unhygienic conditions and malnourishment at a military prison in Ljubuski where they were detained in 1993 and 1994.

19 August 2016

13 Indicted for Bosanski Novi Murders and Torture

The Bosnian prosecution filed an indictment against 13 people, charging them with crimes against humanity in the Bosanski Novi municipality in 1992.

16 August 2016

Ex-Prisoner Recalls Regular Beatings in Bileca

A former detainee told the trial of four Bosnian Serbs accused of beating prisoners in Bileca in 1992 that he was hit almost every day during his time in custody.

20 July 2016

Eight Bosnian War Victims Buried in Prijedor

Hundreds of local residents paid their respects in Kozarac near Prijedor as the remains of eight people killed by Bosnian Serb forces during wartime were laid to rest over 20 years after they died.
15 July 2016

Prisoners ‘Beaten Every Day’ at Kotor-Varos Prison

A prosecution witness recalled how he and other prisoners were regularly beaten in cells behind the court in Kotor-Varos after being captured by Bosnian Serb troops in 1992.

14 July 2016

Croatian Defence Council Fighter ‘Beat Prisoner Daily’

At the trial of former Croatian Defence Council fighter Almaz Nezirovic for alleged torture and inhumane treatment of detained Serb civilians, a witness said the defendant beat him several times.

8 July 2016

Bosnian Serb Ex-Policemen Jailed for Abuse and Torture

Former Bosnian Serb policemen Goran Vujovic, Miroslav Duka and Zeljko Ilic were sentenced to a total of 23 years in prison for crimes against humanity in Bileca in 1992.

6 July 2016

Bosniaks from Sokolac ‘Beaten in Captivity’

Testifying at the war crimes trial of former prison warden Nenad Przulj, prosecution witnesses said that prisoners were held in grim conditions and beaten up in detention in the Sokolac area.

1 July 2016

Bosniaks ‘Beaten Every Day’ in Kotor-Varos Prison

A prosecution witness told the trial of six Serbs accused of crimes against humanity that he and other Bosniak prisnoners were beaten up in detention in Kotor-Varos during wartime.

28 June 2016

Bosnian Army Commander Oric Trial Stopped

The trial of Bosniak wartime commander Naser Oric for crimes against Serb prisoners of war in the areas of Srebrenica and Bratunac was stopped because of the unacceptable behaviour of a prosecution witness.
23 June 2016

Trial Opens for Capljina Crimes

Former HVO member Edin Sakoc faces charges of sexual abuse and participation in murders in the Capljina area of Bosnia.

17 June 2016

Witness Recalls Bosniaks Taken From Vrhpoljski Bridge

A witness at the trial of Mirko Vrucinic says Serbs separated group of Bosniaks on the bridge and took them away, never to be seen again.

10 June 2016

Civilian Killed During Sanski Most Prisoner Beatings

Testifying at the trial of ex-policeman Mirko Vrucinic, accused of wartime crimes in the Sanski Most area, a prosecution witness said that detainees held in a factory were brutally beaten, leaving one dead.

9 June 2016

Bosnian Serb Soldiers Jailed for Attacking Bosniak Villages

Stojan and Zoran Kenjalo and Dragan Balaban were jailed for a total of 19 years after admitting they were guilty of the murders, torture and forcible resettlement of Bosniak civilians in Bosanski Novi.