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14 May 2009

BIRN Journalist Attends Seminar in Egypt

Representatives of Bosnian media, including BIRN Justice Report, attended a fifteen-day seminar in Egypt.

Erna Mackic, a BIRN Justice Report journalist, was among 11 other representatives of the media from Bosnia and Herzegovina who attended a seminar on Mass Communications held at Cairo University in Egypt.

Seminar participants had a chance to acquaint themselves with the Egyptian media situation and the role of women in Egyptian society and learn about working as foreign correspondents. They were also able to share their experiences of the media situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Professors at the Mass Communications Faculty of Cairo University were the lecturers at the seminar.

Besides attending lectures, the journalists had an opportunity to visit the Giza pyramids, the library and citadel in Alexandria, and various religious buildings in the Cairo area. They also took a trip down the Nile and viewed a major collection of Egyptian antiquities. The programme was organized by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry.

The Bosnian journalists also visited the "October 6" film studio, where films and TV programmes are produced for mainstream TV stations. The studio features an all-purpose "other Egypt" set used for filming.

The seminar took place between April 27 and May 12.

A similar seminar for Bosnian media representatives was held in Egypt last year, with the aim of improving cooperation between that country and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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