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07 December 2012

BIRN BiH: Five Day Education for Journalists

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network of BiH, with the help of the OSCE, is organizing a five-day training for journalists from various parts of BiH, aimed at improving reporting from judicial institutions about war crimes trials.

The training will take place in Sarajevo and journalists will have an opportunity to listen about the work of judicial institutions from judges and prosecutors, legal experts and other assistants directly involved in war crime trials.

They will also have a chance to attend war crime trials, after which they will write reports, which will be edited by BIRN BiH staff, in order to learn from mistakes and remove ethical and professional mistakes from their work.

Journalists will be taught about the importance of reporting on facts and the dangers of irresponsible reporting, which can lead to lawsuits and contempt of court charges.

The reason why BIRN and OSCE are organizing this training is that many war crimes cases have been transferred to the Cantonal, District and Brcko district Court from the Bosnian State Court. The goal of the training is to improve reporting on war crime trials in front of courts in their local communities.

They will also develop court reporting skills under International and domestic press codex and become certified court reporters in their home media. 

The training will be attended by ten journalists from Doboj, Livno, Mostar, Travnik, Bijeljina, Sarajevo, Brčko, Trebinje, Tuzla and Gorazda. The training will take place from December 10 to 14. 

BIRN BiH is one of the key actors in brining justice processes to citizens of BiH and the region since 2004. In the past seven years, BIRN BiH has informed the public daily about war crimes prosecutions and transitional justice issues which affect their lives.

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