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City: Zenica

7 November 2014

Bosnian Army Soldier Convicted of Zenica Killings

Former Bosnian Army serviceman Vehid Subotic, alias Geler (‘Shrapnel’), was sentenced to 14 years in prison for his role in the killings of civilians in the Zenica municipality in 1993.
6 November 2014

Vehid Subotic: Killings in Dusina

After fourteen months of the trial, the Bosnian State Court will on Friday, November 7, hand down a verdict to Vehid Subotic, who is being tried for crimes in Dusina near Zenica.
6 November 2014

Learned about Father’s Death while in Prison

As the trial of Eniz Basic for crimes in the Zenica area continues, witness Pero Sestan testifies before the Cantonal Court in Zenica and presents his findings about the taking away and murder of his father Luka Sestan. 

27 October 2014

Bozic's Taken away from Bukovica

As the trial of Sedjad Djerahovic and Jasmin Saric continues, two Zenica Cantonal Prosecution witnesses say that Andjelko Bozic and is sons were taken away from Bukovica village on June 15, 1992.
24 October 2014

Bosniak Soldier Awaits Dusina Massacre Verdict

Prosecutors demanded a guilty verdict for Bosnian Army ex-soldier Vehid Subotic, accused of ordering a massacre in the village of Dusina in 1993, while his defence insisted he was innocent.
20 October 2014

Witness Died Five Years ago

As said at the hearing today, Prosecution witness Zorka Letic, whose examination at the trial of Eniz Basic before the Cantonal Court in Zenica was announced for today, died back in 2009.

17 October 2014

No Knowledge of Poculice Crime

The witness for the state prosecution at the trial of Jasmin Coloman said that in 1993 he heard Croats were killed in the village of Poculice near Zenica, but that he had no concrete knowledge about it.

14 October 2014

Mother Recalls Teenage Son’s Murder by Croat Fighter

A Bosniak woman fainted in the courtroom as she testified how Croatian Defence Council fighter Ivo Crepuja shot her son dead in a village near Zenica in 1993.
9 October 2014

Trial of Djerahovic and Saric Begins

The trial of Sedjad Djerahovic and Jasmin Saric, who are charged with crimes against civilians in the Zenica area, begins with reading of the indictment and presentation of introductory statement before the Cantonal Court in Zenica.

7 October 2014

Presentation of Evidence Completed

The presentation of evidence at the trial of Vehid Subotic, who is charged with crimes in the Zenica area, has been completed with the examination of two additional State Prosecution witnesses. Closing statements are due to be presented on October 24.
19 September 2014

Additional Prosecution Evidence following a Crime Scene Visit

As the trial of Vehid Subotic for crimes in Dusina village, Zenica, continues, a video recording made during a visit to the crime scene is played in the courtroom. Following the presentation, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH, proposes two additional witnesses.

16 September 2014

Trial of Eniz Basic Begins

The trial of Eniz Basic from Zenica, who is charged with crimes against the civilian population, begins with reading of the indictment before the Cantonal Court in Zenica.
4 September 2014

Saric and Dzerahovic Plead not Guilty

Jasmin Saric and Sedzad Dzerahovic appear before the Cantonal Court in Zenica and plead not guilty of the charges that they committed crimes against civilians in the Zenica area in June 1992.
4 September 2014

Mladic Requested Respecting of Conventions

Former Vice-President of the municipal board of the Serbian Democratic Party, SDS, in Zenica, says, testifying at Ratko Mladic’s trial, that Muslim authorities did not let Serbs leave the town in 1992.
29 August 2014

Killed in Conflict or Shot

As the trial for Zenica crimes continues, a Defence witness says that he heard that some persons were killed in Dusina, but he does not know whether they were killed in conflict or if they were shot.