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City: Zenica

23 April 2015

Witness Changes His Statement at Basic Trial

A witness at the Eniz Basic trial and said he didn’t see Basic abduct three civilians from the village of Vardiste in 1993, retracting an earlier statement he had given to the prosecution.
21 April 2015

Appeals Against Verdict in Subotic Case Presented

At the appeal of the Vehid Subotic case, the state prosecution called for a longer prison sentence for Subotic. Under a first instance verdict, Subotic was sentenced to 14 years in prison for war crimes committed in the village of Dusina in Zenica. Subotic’s defense has called for an acquittal.
21 April 2015

Neuropsychiatrist Assesses Mental Health of Injured Parties at Zenica War Crimes Trial

Testifying at the trial of Sedjad Djerahovic and Jasmin Saric, a court-ordered neuropsychiatrist presented her findings on the mental health of injured parties.

7 April 2015

Djerahovic and Saric Trial Postponed

The cantonal court of Zenica postponed the trial of Sedjad Djerahovic and Jasmin Saric, due to Saric’s poor health.
1 April 2015

Witness Fails to Appear at Basic Trial Due to Poor Health

The Eniz Basic trial continued at the cantonal court in Zenica with the presentation of material evidence by the prosecution. A witness who had been expected to testify at this hearing failed to appear due to his poor health.
16 March 2015

Witnesses Describe Beatings by Bosnian Army Fighters in Zenica

Prosecution witness Nedeljko Bozic testified against former Bosnian Army soldiers Sedjad Djerahovic and Jasmin Saric at the cantonal court in Zenica.
23 February 2015

Witness Doesn’t Appear, Eniz Basic Trial Postponed

The cantonal court of Zenica has postponed the Eniz Basic trial because a prosecution witness failed to appear in court.
2 February 2015

Witness Saw Neighbour Being Taken Away by Soldier

Prosecution witness Vladimir Mijac says that he saw defendant Eniz Basic, a former member of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, lead his neighbour Luka Sestan away from his home. Sestan’s burnt body was found a few days later.

9 January 2015

Trial Postponed Due to Witness' Illness

The trial of Sedjad Djerahovic and Jasmin Saric before the Zenica Cantonal Court has been postponed due to the absence of a Prosecution witness.

5 January 2015

Witness Recalls Discussion with Basic

A witness for the Cantonal prosecution in Zenica testified that he saw defendant Eniz Basic standing armed in front of two persons, who were found dead several days later.
22 December 2014

Father Taken away

Witnesses Dragica Kristo and Mirjana Jovanovic say, testifying before the Zenica Cantonal Court, that indictee Eniz Basic took their father away, adding that their father’s charred body was found two days later. 

16 December 2014

Seeking Rescue by Watching

Zenica Cantonal Prosecution’s witnesses speak about their findings related to the taking away of the Bozic family.

1 December 2014

Taken away from Vardiste

Testifying at Eniz Basic’s trial, a Zenica Cantonal Prosecution witness says that she found out that the indictee participated in taking two civilians away from Vardiste village, Zenica municipality.

28 November 2014

Taking Bozic's to School Building

As the trial of Sedjad Djerahovic and Jasmin Saric continues, two Zenica Cantonal Prosecution witnesses say that it is not known to them who killed Andjelko Bozic in 1992.
11 November 2014

Schoolmate’s Bloody Face

Testifying at the trial of Sedjad Djerahovic and Jasmin Saric for crimes in the Zenica area, Prosecution witness Hadis Babic says that he saw Nedeljko and Veseljko Bozic, who had injuries on face and head, in a school building in Tetovo.