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City: Zenica

14 January 2011

Local Justice: Prison Attack Not Motivated by Ethnic Bias

The Zenica Penal and Correctional Facility, KPZ, says that, like all other incidents at the prison, the recent attack on inmate Nemanja Jovicic was not motivated by ethnic bias.

29 December 2010

BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina: Six years of intensive work

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN B&H) has launched a series of new projects in 2010, by which it intensified the work on informing the public about the war crimes trials, and thus achieved significant results in the sixth year of its existence
23 December 2010

Local Justice: Digitising Detainees' Personal Records

A project by the Association of Detainees of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the digitisation of a database which lists the torture victims from detention camps, has been presented in Zenica.
26 October 2010

Mustafa Bisic: ‘New Jail Won’t Solve Bosnia’s Prison Overflow’

Long-expected state-level facility meets highest European standards - but with only 300 places it won’t entirely ease the problem of crowded jails, Bosnia’s deputy justice minister warns.
23 April 2008

Ex-officio Lawyers Face Battle Over Fees

Ex-officio lawyers representing war-crime indictees complain of unequal treatment in court, and of problems in getting paid for their work.
6 February 2008

Amnesty International: Police Maltreat Prisoners

Amnesty International has noticed that some prisoners in BiH are maltreated by policemen, who are not being sanctioned for that.