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City: Ugljevik

12 February 2015

Extension of Custody Requested for Nine Defendants Accused of Lokanj Massacre

Bosnia’s state prosecution has requested that nine former Bosnian Serb fighters facing trial for the massacre of civilians remain in custody. Their defense team objected, requesting that the court end the custody period and establish prohibitive measures instead.
7 November 2014

Velimir Popovic Verdict Confirmed

The Supreme Court of Republika Srpske has confirmed a verdict of the District Court in Bijeljina under which Velimir Popovic was sentenced to five years in prison for crimes in Ugljevik.
11 April 2014

Popovic Sentenced to Five Years

The District Court in Bijeljina sentences Velimir Popovic, known as Vela, to five years in prison for having committed physical and mental mistreatment of prisoners of war in Stari and Novi Ugljevik detention camps in 1992.

28 March 2014

Verdict for Ugljevik Camps on April 11

The District Court in Bijeljina would on April 11 pass a verdict to the accused of crimes committed in the Ugljenik prison camps.

7 March 2014

Witness Suffering from PTSD

Testifying before the District Court in Bijeljina at the trial for crimes committed in detention camps in Ugljevik, a court expert in medical issues says that Stjepan Mrkic cannot be invited to testify, because he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD.
29 January 2014

No Contacts with Prisoners

Defence witness Rado Stevanovic says at the trial for crimes in Ugljevik, that indictee Oliver Rodic had never had any contact with prisoners, who were deployed to Mount Majevica in order to perform labour.

28 January 2014

Beaten at Entrance to Batkovic

As the trial for crimes in Bijeljina continues, a Bijeljina District Prosecution witness says that he was beaten up once during his stay in Batkovic detention camp in 1992.
2 December 2013

Indictee Was not Present in School Building

Testifying at the trial for war crimes in Ugljevik, Defence witness Tomislav Tomic says that indictee Velimir Popovic neither guarded the school building in Ugljevik, where detainees were held, nor communicated with the detainees.
20 September 2013

Indictee Helped the Witness

Witness Muhamed Husejdic says, testifying at the trial for crimes in Ugljevik, that indictee Ostoja Minic helped him flee from a school building, where he was detained, and return to his home in Teocak.