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City: Trnopolje

12 February 2015

Serbs Detained Bosniaks ‘For Their Own Protection’

A defence witness testified at Ratko Mladic’s war crimes trial at the Hague Tribunal that Muslims held in the Trnopolje detention camp near Prijedor in the summer of 1992 were not abused.

28 January 2015

Father Killed by Neighbours

Testifying at the trial for crimes in the Prijedor area, a State Prosecution witness says that she found out about the murder of her father from her mother, who told her, during their detention in Trnopolje, that her father was killed by their Serb neighbours.
4 February 2014

Army Responsible for Detention Camps

As he continues testifying at Radovan Karadzic’s trial, Mico Stanisic says that detention camps for Bosniaks and Croats were not under the responsibility of police, but the Republika Srpska Army, VRS, and municipal crisis committees, in the summer of 1992.
21 January 2014

Witness: Better to Be in Trnopolje than on the Street

Testifying at Radovan Karadzic’s trial before The Hague Tribunal, witness Bosko Mandic says that “none of the authorities organised or abetted the removal of non-Serbs from Prijedor”.

29 November 2013

Crimes Committed by Paramilitaries and Criminal Groups

Testifying at Radovan Karadzic’s trial, Zeljko Mejakic says that members of “paramilitary and criminal groups” committed crimes in Omarska detention camp, near Prijedor, in the summer of 1992, but those were “individual” cases, which were not planned.

22 November 2013

Prijedor Detention Camps under Police Watch

As the trial of Ratko Mladic continues, the Defence tries to deny the indictee’s responsibility for crimes in detention camps in the vicinity of Prijedor, where thousands of Bosniaks were held in the spring and summer of 1992.
6 August 2013

Victims of Bosnia’s Omarska Jail Camp Remembered

Over 1,500 people attended a commemoration honouring hundreds of residents of the town of Prijedor who were killed in 1992 at the notorious Omarska detention camp.
31 May 2013

Indictee Protected a Family

During the continuation of the trial for crimes in Prijedor, a State Prosecution witness says that indictee Dragomir Soldat evacuated him and his family to a safe place on the day, when men were shot in front of a local mosque in Carakovo.

2 October 2012

Mladic: Bosniak ex MP Talks About Omarska Camp

At the trial of former Bosnian Serb army chief, Ratko Mladic, the prosecution has resumed presenting its evidence on ethnic cleansing in Prijedor in 1992.
2 October 2012

Mladic: Murders and Rape in Trnopolje

Testifying at the trial of Ratko Mladic, who is charged with genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina, at The Hague, Idriz Merdzanic a former medical doctor at Trnopolje detention camp near Prijedor, says that Republika Srpska forces held Muslim and Croat civilians in inhumane conditions in the detention camp and beat them up, raped them and killed them.
1 June 2012

Protesting Quietly with White Ribbons

“You know what happened here...It is creepy... And, the usual, everyday things were around us… A green shirt in the mud, right in front of the building...This reminded me that people lived there... They did not let us turn our cameras on... Thousands of plastic bags were hanging from tree branches... Like leaves...They photographed our car, wrote our license plate number down...We felt the urge to finish everything quickly and leave the place as soon as possible”.
1 June 2012

Zecevic et al: Long Term Imprisonment Requested

Presenting its closing statement at the trial for crimes at Koricanske stijene, the State Prosecution says that most of the escorts in the convoy of civilians, who were traveling from Prijedor to Travnik on August 21, 1992, knew about the plan to execute murders.
31 May 2012

Zecevic et al: Witness Changes his Statement

Testifying at the trial for crimes at Koricanske stijene, a former member of the Interventions Squad of Prijedor police, partially changes his testimony related to indictee Petar Civcic.
21 May 2012

Victims Want Right to Remember

Twenty years since the start of the war in Bosnia, the Republika Srpska government in Prijedor is still refusing to accept the “unthinkable war crimes” which occurred there, claim representatives of victims associations.
17 May 2012

Mladic: Main Strategic Goal was Ethnic Cleansing

In its opening arguments, the Hague prosecution outlined six strategic goals that Bosnian Serb leadership wanted Mladic to achieve.