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City: Trebinje

28 October 2014

35 War-Crime Investigations in Trebinje

The Trebinje District Prosecution has opened 35 war-crimes investigations, but it is still uncertain when the indictments will be filed – says Srdjan Vukanovic, spokesperson of the District Prosecution.

28 October 2014

Crime across the border

Many citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina are turning to neighbouring countries in anticipation of justice because they were detained in those countries during the war.

5 September 2013

Renovation of Courtroom in Trebinje Completed

Renovation of a courtroom in the District Court in Trebinje has been completed this week. The renovation, which included setting equipment for audio and video recording, was undertaken with the aim of improving capacities for processing of war crimes.
1 July 2013

Man Arrested on Suspicion of War Crimes

The Bosnian Border Police have arrested a man on suspicion he took part in war crimes against civilians.
18 October 2011

Local Justice - Trebinje: Debate on Work of State Court and Prosecution

A public debate on “Acquainting local communities with the work of the Prosecution and Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina” was held in the premises of the Trebinje municipality building.
13 September 2011

Vucurevic Wants to Stand Trial in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bozidar Vucurevic, wartime Mayor of Trebinje municipality, says that he wants a court process against him to be held in Bosnia and Herzegovina, or more precisely in Republika Srpska, RS, enabling him to deny the allegations that he committed war crimes in the Durbovnik area.
26 July 2011

Decision on Bozidar Vucurevic’s Extradition Still Pending

Even though four months have passed, Serbian judicial bodies are yet to decide on Bozidar Vucurevic’s extradition, because of its requests for and submission of additional documents by Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, MUP of Serbia.
29 December 2010

BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina: Six years of intensive work

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN B&H) has launched a series of new projects in 2010, by which it intensified the work on informing the public about the war crimes trials, and thus achieved significant results in the sixth year of its existence
10 December 2010

Dzerard Selman: Clashing Court Jurisdictions Harm Bosnia’s Justice

Republika Srpska justice minister says confusion about respective powers of Bosnia’s State Court and courts in the Bosnian Serb entity needs clearing up.
12 March 2009

Savic and Mucibabic: Concerted persecution

At the conclusion of presenting closing arguments the State Prosecution calls for guilty verdicts.
29 January 2009

Savic and Mucibabic: A Bus Seat

The first of Milko Mucibabic's Defence witnesses says the indictee helped her leave Nevesinje in 1992.
26 December 2008

Justice Report Meets its Goals This Year

In 2008 BIRN- Justice Report visited ten cantonal and district courts publishing series of articles under Local Justice under Spotlight title. It also started broadcasting Radio Justice.
17 September 2008

Savic and Mucibabic: A getaway package

A Prosecution witness recalls having been forced to leave his home in Nevesinje in 1992 with his slippers on.
23 April 2008

Ex-officio Lawyers Face Battle Over Fees

Ex-officio lawyers representing war-crime indictees complain of unequal treatment in court, and of problems in getting paid for their work.
5 October 2007

Savic and Mucibabic: Two Months of Custody

The Prosecution has asked and the Court approved the custody for Savic and Mucibabic.