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City: Travnik

20 May 2016

Bosnia Indicts Ex-Mujahideen Fighter for Kidnapping Croats

Mirsad Hodzic, also known as Abu Dzafer, a former member of the Bosnian Army’s El Mujahid detachment, is accused of abducting and torturing three Croat civilians in Travnik in 1993.

7 April 2015

Bosnian Croat Fighter Jailed for Travnik Abduction

The cantonal court in Travnik sentenced Bruno Saric, a former member of the Croatian Defence Council, to four years in prison for seizing a man who was never seen alive again afterwards.
27 March 2015

Verdict in Saric Trial Expected on April 7

The Cantonal prosecution in Travnik requested that Bruno Saric be found guilty of war crimes in Travnik. The defense called for a not guilty verdict. The pronouncement of the verdict is scheduled for April 7.

17 March 2015

Bosnia Cuts Iraqi Fighter’s Jail Sentence

Abduladhim Maktouf, an Iraqi who fought in a Bosnian Army ‘mujahideen’ unit during the conflict, had his sentence for illegally detaining Croat civilians reduced from five years to three.
3 March 2015

Witness Recalls Neighbor’s Abduction by Croatian Defence Council Member

Testifying before the cantonal court in Novi Travnik, prosecution witness Edib Sojtaric said he watched the abduction of his former neighbour Aleksa Kostres with his neighbour’s wife. Sojtaric said Kostres was abducted by Croatian Defence Council members, including the defendant, Bruno Saric.
25 February 2015

Mitigating Circumstances Not Reviewed At Maktouf Retrial, Says Defense Lawyer

Abduladhim Maktouf’s defense attorney requested that the appellate chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina reduce Maktouf’s sentence from five years to one year in prison.

12 February 2015

Croatian Defence Council Forces Abducted Aleksa Kostres, Say Witnesses

At today’s hearing of the Bruno Saric trial at the Cantonal Court in Novi Travnik, defense witnesses said that Aleksa Kostres was abducted by members of the Croatian Defence Council from Herzegovina.

3 February 2015

Mladic Witness: Serb Army 'Helped Thousands of Croats'

A Defence witness told Ratko Mladic's trial in the Hague that in 1993 the Bosnian Serb Army provided help for thousands of Croatian civilians and fighters.
16 January 2015

Neighbour Kostres Taken Away

At the trial of former Bosnian Croat fighter Bruno Saric, a prosecution witness said his neighbour and colleague Aleksa Kostres was taken from his home and never seen again in 1992.
22 December 2014

Prosecutor, Indictee and Defence Attorney Fail to Appear

An appellate hearing as part of the retrial of Abduladhim Maktouf for crimes in Travnik has been postponed, because the Prosecutor, indictee and Defence attorney fail to appear in court.

17 December 2014

Kidnapping Unregistered for Two Years

Testifying before the Travnik Cantonal Court, witness Midhad Campara says that the kidnapping of Aleksa Kostres, which was committed by members of the Croatian Defence Council, HVO, in the central part of Travnik town in May 1992, was not registered by Travnik police until the end of 1993.

20 November 2014

Arms Pointed towards a Child

Testifying at the trial of Bruno Saric for crimes in Travnik, the first Prosecution witness says that the indictee took her husband Aleksa Kostres, whom she has never seen again, in late May 1992.
30 October 2014

European Day of Civil Justice Marked

The Cantonal Court in Novi Travnik marked the European Day of Civil Justice on October 30 by organizing an open-door day and roundtable on sexual violence during wars.
11 July 2014

Maktouf Resentenced to Five Years

The Bosnian State court has sentenced former Iraqi volunteers Abduladhim Maktouf again to five years in prison for crimes in Travnik, after a retrial and application of the more lenient Criminal code of the former Yugoslavia.
4 July 2014

Verdict against Maktouf Due July 11

At a renewed trial against Abduladhim Maktouf for crimes in Travnik the Defence requests a minimal one-year sentence.